Noorie Rajvanshi

Sustainability and Climate Strategy, Siemens Technology


Noorie Rajvanshi is Staff Scientist at Siemens with more than ten years of experience in the field of environmental sustainability, energy and urban development. She currently serves as chief data and strategy analyst supporting the US Sustainability Office, working across the Siemens ecosystem of business and corporate units to deliver environmental and business objectives. Her work includes collaborating with colleagues across Siemens to ensure successful implementation of the US Environmental Action plan to decarbonize facilities and fleets

Noorie’s previous work in urban development focused on evaluating environmental and economic impacts of growing cities and collaborating with cities across the North America to identify technology and infrastructure solutions that best fit the city’s energy demand and production characteristics using in-house City Performance Tool (CyPT). Noorie has led consulting projects with more than 15 cities across North America, through which she collaborates with Mayors’ Offices, City departments, utilities, transit agencies, and more to collect data, test results, and create pathways for leveraging technology to reach the economic and environmental targets.

Prior to joining Siemens, Noorie graduated from the University of Florida with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Environmental Engineering. Her graduate work was funded through an interdisciplinary NSF-IGERT fellowship program. Following the PhD, Noorie worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the Center for Life Cycle Analysis (CLCA) at Columbia University, studying the impact of crystalline silicone photovoltaics.

Noorie served as a Research Fellow for Project Drawdown where she authored 3 chapters in the New York Times Bestseller book “Drawdown: The most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming.” She is an active member of several organizations including the Association of Climate Change Officers and The Corporate EcoForum where she has been inducted into the CEFNext Community Practice of Leaders.

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