Creating perfect places

Every day, we are driven to make buildings better

“Creating perfect places” is our goal. We spend about 90 percent of our lives indoors – starting with our birth in a hospital, studying in school, developing our skills at universities and succeeding in our jobs in office buildings. Buildings are not just spaces for working and living. They are the places where we spend our lives.   We all begin our lives in a perfect place: In our mother’s tummy. A place where it is never too cold, never too warm, never too loud, never too quiet; a place where we can always feel safe and secure.    We improve buildings – and therefore we improve peoples’ lives. We create perfect places for every stage of life. Why shouldn’t all our lives be lived in perfect places?
Our portfolio

Perfection down to the detail: products for perfect places

From valves and actuators to duct sensors and room thermostats: All of our products live up to highest quality standards. Energy efficiency and long lifecycles areamong the essential features of every single one of our products. And open communications standards like KNX and BACnet enhance compatibility and easily allow a seamless integration into building automation systems - this is how perfect places become a reality.
Selection and installation

Perfectly simple: everything you need from a single source

We make creating perfect places as easy as possible for you. Our portfolio offers you all the products you need from just one source. Your benefit: consistent installation processes and easy engineering for every single product. And support anywhere and anytime, with tools and apps designed to make your work as simple as possible - so you can focus on creating perfect places for your customers
Consultant support

Consulting for perfect places

Application expertise, a complete product portfolio and optimized processes lay the foundation for market success. We offer you on-demand, practical and field-proven support and consulting for your individual requirements. Process optimization, extensive industry experience and innovation leadership are just a few of the benefits that will boost your profitability. In a very short time, we will work together in a systems approach to resolve the most important issues, allowing you to achieve all your objectives.  
Single-source solutions

Creating perfect places with a comprehensive portfolio

Ensuring the perfect room climate for building users, and keeping people and assets safe while minimizing the cost and energy for building automation: Our comprehensive portfolio offers the right solution for any requirement, from field devices to room operator units to fire safety systems. Products made perfect for their users' needs – at any stage of life.