Achieve the perfect balance between security and accessibility with SiPass® integrated

When you need to provide a high level of security without compromising convenience for your employees, SiPass integrated can provide the powerful, flexible access control solution you need. Designed to meet access control requirements that range from non-critical to critical, and from simple to complex, SiPass integrated helps you create a safe environment for your employees, your assets, and your business.
Move in a secure environment

Freedom to move in a secure environment

The advanced functionality of SiPass integrated can help organizations overcome real-life challenges - whether you manage a single, low-rise building or an expansive enterprise with thousands of doors, gates, and elevators.

How should you select an integrated access control solution?

Although you can select from a variety of access control solutions available on the market today, the most effective solution for your business will encompass:

  • Flexibility – Look for solutions that can adapt to existing facilities, newly constructed buildings, smaller buildings, global enterprises, non-critical access, and highly critical access.
  • Customization – Whereas standard interfaces should enable easy integration with existing security process and business systems, look for a solution that can offer simple integration with a variety of third-party extensions to customize to your organization’s operations.
  • Interoperability – Integrated access control solutions should support the integration of video surveillance, intrusion detection, and fire safety systems to create a robust security management station.
  • User-centric design – You need a solution that makes it easy to quickly identify and evaluate system events—and therefore respond to them.

SiPass®integrated: flexible and reliable access control

If you’re ready to learn more about how SiPass integrated can provide a high level of security without sacrificing convenience, contact your Siemens team today.