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See how Siemens technology helps find the "missing" SMU mascot
  • Implementation of a customized and integrated building management platform, which creates a comfortable environment, more conducive to learning, as well as being a safer environment for students, faculty and administration.
  • The building management platform automates, integrates, optimizes and centrally commands and controls all building systems. It also helps monitor energy usage.
  • The campus buildings are interconnected through the security system, which uses “smart badge” technology, video viewing and recording systems that connect to campus security and police.
  • Additionally, it helps the university achieve its key business goals of attracting and retaining students and faculty.
Pine Grove Middle School

Pine Grove Middle School: This building changes futures

With a realization that the world has undergone dramatic changes - not least in the world of employment, and the skills required - the educators at Pine Grove made a decision that education needed to change.

Siemens provides building technology to create a new environment at Pine Grove where the students can concentrate, collaborate, think, create… and learn. Ensuring that education prepares students for the world that’s waiting for them, we can help you create a perfect place to nurture curiosity and love of learning for your students. Read the whole story

Innovative Products

Innovative products create perfect places

Ensuring perfect room climate for building users, keeping people and assets safe and – at the same time – running the building automation cost and energy efficiently: Our comprehensive portfolio of building automation and control systems, room automation, field devices and fire safety products offers the right solution for each requirement. We make it perfect for its users' needs – for every stage of life.