See how ingenuity from Siemens keeps cities in motion.

From coast to coast, intelligent transportation systems are helping neighborhoods to thrive and businesses to prosper.
Best of the West

Growing Smarter

As city populations grow, transportation infrastucture must get smarter. We can help.

Ingenuity for Responsible Growth

From coffee shops in Seattle to the music scene in Portland, the bustle of the metropolis is muted by the majestic backdrop of nature, and is supported by a well-conceived transportation system.

Growth and environmental responsibility are purposefully managed by transportation planners in the region, balancing the need for economic efficiency with the desire to improve quality of life for its citizens.

Siemens helps Portland embrace responsbile growth through

  • An innovative and strategic partnership that focuses on efficiency and accessiblity
  • Advanced regenerative braking and storage technology which reduces carbon emissions
  • Customized light rail design to enhance passenger comfort
  • Signaling and control technologies for safe operation
Corridors of Opportunity

Transportation Renaissance in the Northeast

The Northeast Corridor carries passengers through some of the most historic and economically vital U.S. cities. Serving passengers via a maze of underground metro systems, intercity railways and city thoroughfares is an enormous responsibility for transportation operators - who are focused on providing safe, reliable and efficient commutes on a large scale.

Siemens helps the Northeast Corridor connect its people, culture and commerce through:

·         Locomotives made in the USA, that improve reliability for millions of riders

·         Regenerative braking systems that save huge amounts of energy

·         Positive train control systems for safety and on-time operation

·         Communications-based signaling that increases capacity on existing lines

The city that never sleeps, never stops.

By 2040, there will be two million more people living in and around New York City
Positive Train Control will increase efficiency and safety on 700 miles of track that serve 80 million passengers per year
According to the USDOT, Connected Vehicle technology could reduce unimpaired vehicle accidents by 80%
CBTC helps increase ridership on 7th largest metro line in the world
Regenerative braking could save over 3 billion kilowatt hours of energy and $300 million over 20 years
Examples of Our Work

From Roadway to Railway

Siemens works with transportation companies from all over the world to modernize their infrastructure - above, on and below ground. Each project brings unique engineering challenges that must respond to spatial, logistical, mechanical and informational realities.   Our work and partnerships in the Northeastern U.S. are a great privilege and opportunity to use ingenuity, and strengthen infrastructure for millions of people who rely on it to work safely every day.