VinFast realized South East Asia’s first fully digitalized automotive factory

The first fully digital automotive factory in South East Asia

Built by VinFast in only 21 months, thanks to Siemens’ Digital Enterprise
VinFast goes from 0 to 100

VinFast launches the first Vietnamese passenger car brand in record time

As a member of Vingroup, one of Vietnam’s largest privately held companies, VinFast teamed up with car manufacturers from America, Europe and Siemens to build their automotive factory in only 21 months. The holistic Digital Enterprise portfolio helped realizing the ambitious goal.

Prepared for regional and global competitiveness

Producing vehicles in a greenfield automotive factory in less than two years is unprecedented. However, VinFast wanted to be competitive in Vietnam and globally right from the beginning, so the company relied on Siemens’ expertise to utilize the latest technology. This resulted in a closed-loop manufacturing system which uses digital twins of the products, the production, and the performance of production and product. The fully digital factory was built in 21 months, 50 percent faster than usual, and is designed to be easily scalable for future expansions.

Holistic approach

Building a digital enterprise from scratch

Before VinFast’s 335-hectare plant in Hai Phong, there was no Vietnamese brand for passenger cars. Siemens accepted the challenge to build a fully digital automotive factory within only 21 months.

Getting the most out of the Digital Enterprise portfolio

VinFast is using the comprehensive offerings from Siemens that combines Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software such as the industry-leading Tecnomatix portfolio with Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), through the new harmonized, holistic portfolio Siemens Opcenter, to realize lean manufacturing across all phases, and with Totally Integrated Automation for all automation, including robots, conveyors, presses and milling machines. 


This holistic approach has increased the speed and flexibility in development, ensured high global standards in production, optimized the manufacturing process, and made the entire plant future-proof for further expansions and new business models.

Merging the virtual and the real world

Developing new cars and scooters, planning the new plant, and finally producing with the help of digital tools creates a detailed virtual image, the digital twin. The digital twin creates new insights, thanks to the combination of physics-based simulations with data analytics in a fully virtual environment. This makes it possible to realize innovations faster and more reliable, while also requiring significantly fewer real prototypes. Even more data are created when the product is being produced or a plant begins operation.


These performance data of the real production and of the real product can be collected, analyzed, and fed back into the development cycle. Here they help VinFast to improve and optimize new products and processes at an early stage.

Digital all the way

VinFast’s way to the fast lane

VinFast aims to become South East Asia’s leading vehicle manufacturer and a remarkable new player in the global automotive industry. To realize their goal, VinFast put their trust into the Digital Enterprise.

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