Productivity is the highest goal in the specialty chemicals and fine chemicals industries

Batch processes must be flexible

Optimal plant performance, continuous transparency, tailored quality, and short development and set-up times – the production of fine chemical products in large and small batches requires a tremendous degree of flexibility. Benefit from the many ways that we can increase your productivity. Improve your flexibility and the utilization of your assets, raw materials, data and processes. Reduce your set-up times and downtimes while accelerating the introduction of new products and processes to the market.

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Reliable, safe and efficient power supply

Reliable, safe and efficient power supply

Totally Integrated Power (TIP) comprises the complete portfolio for reliable, safe and efficient power supply. With our portfolio, we offer intelligent solutions for all of the challenges of the chemical industry and for optimizing your power flows.

Intermittent production

Producing batches flexibly

Thanks to our integrated and scalable solutions for intermittent production, you have everything working to your advantage when it comes to the flexibility, process efficiency, and product quality of your batch processes. Our modular automation solutions can be flexibly applied to suit your production methods and plant size – for efficient batch production even in rapidly changing market conditions.

Flexible process. Consistent quality.

Your batch process often requires you to switch from one product or recipe to another. Every single batch must be produced precisely to required specifications and with complete documentation while upholding product quality. Our batch automation solutions ensure high management and batch control flexibility with minimal set-up times. Batch protocols and the integration of inventory and quality data into your automation system provide the required transparency along the entire supply chain – even between different plants scattered around the world. This includes complete batch tracking and quality assessment, from raw materials to the filling and packaging of end products.


The mixing of materials is a classic process in which several materials are weighed and dosed in accordance with specific recipes. In addition to safety requirements, a high degree of accuracy and flexibility, the homogeneity of the finished mixture is also an important factor. All this requires transparent processes and an optimal use of assets such as raw materials, equipment, data, and personnel.

Simple batch process with Advanced Process Functions

Small to medium-sized mixing systems do not require a batch system, often a simple recipe control is sufficient supporting flexible production. Optimal utilization requires simple order and production planning as well as all material handling operations and document management. The Advanced Process Functions (APF) integrated into the SIMATIC APC library are there to assist you.

Advanced Process Functions

Optimal for small and medium-sized production plants with simple material processing: the SIMATIC PCS 7 Tool Advanced Process Functions (APF) automate simple batch processes, which mainly involve dosing, mixing, and stirring tasks. The function modules for material management, parameter management, task management, and archive management support automation of the production processes from raw materials intake to release for filling and packing.

Weighing and batching technologies

The dosing of materials to be mixed must be absolutely reliable and highly precise. Under the name SIWAREX, we offer uniform solution concepts and seamless integration into the SIMATIC automation system. Using standard SIMATIC components, it’s easy to adapt the weighing system to your individual requirements. In addition, standardized interfaces, totally integrated functions, and uniform tools enable cost-effective configuration.

Identification systems

Thanks to RFID technology, containers in the process industry can be tracked throughout the entire process chain. The containers are equipped with RFID transponders (tags), which are storage units that can be read from or written to via radio. They’re available in different shapes and sizes and, depending on type, are suitable for different requirements, such as high temperatures or resistance to chemicals.


Geared motors with SINAMICS G120 frequency converters are optimally suited to driving the agitator: With the second generation SINAMICS G120, you have a modular converter with higher power density and a space-saving frame size.

Stirred tank reactor

Complete batch tracking, documentation, and quality assessment, from raw material, to the reaction steps, all the way to the filling and packaging of end products – the requirements for a batch reactor are similar to those of continuous processes. By contrast, batch production depends on market conditions. It requires scalable solutions for extreme flexibility and modular automation. The reactor is the core component of a processing plant. Liquid substances are synthesized in the stirred tank reactor. Stirred tank reactors are thus equipped with a feed and discharge as well as nozzles for inserting measuring instruments. The batch-by-batch performance of reactions requires continuous process monitoring.

Process monitoring

Whether for dosing, for measuring fill levels or temperatures, or for opening and closing valves, efficient production requires process instruments. Our portfolio for process instrumentation and analytics represents maximum reliability and fully meets the high demands of the chemical industry (SIL 2/3). Thanks to comprehensive diagnostic functions, you always know when your process is running according to plan and when you need to take corrective action.

Process instrumentation

Our range of process instruments includes all conventional technologies for pressure, temperature, fill level, and flow measurements as well as digital positioners and maintenance instruments.

Batch automation

With SIMATIC BATCH, you have a powerful solution package for flexible production processes and continuous recipe automation in accordance with the S88 standard. It enables batch production with consistent, reproducible quality – and you benefit from high data transparency. For simpler batch processes, we offer the Advanced Process Functions (APF) suite, a SIMATIC PCS 7 tool that is directly integrated into the process control system.

Laboratory automation

Laboratory automation presents special challenges: The pressure to reduce time and costs demands a flexible, laboratory-compatible system that provides reliable monitoring and control of the trial process. Automation solutions tailored for laboratories significantly facilitate the execution of trials and the reproducibility of trial results. The series of trials can be run fully automatically and processes are brought to a safe state if any unexpected events occur. After successful synthesis, the solutions for control tasks can easily be transferred in scale-up for use in the test center, pilot plants, and production.

Measuring oxygen content in the laboratory

On account of its reactivity, oxygen represents an important characteristic in many processes. The requirements for measuring oxygen content in the laboratory are high: SIL2 certification is required for safety-related applications in protective equipment.

Laboratory services for process automation

The Engineering & Consulting offering ranges from FEED studies to the design, planning, and implementation of production and laboratory facilities and plants. We’ll be happy to advise you on the selection and design of your process technology.

Process control system

With SIMATIC PCS 7, we offer you a high-performance process control system that can be flexibly adapted to your particular needs – from laboratory use to the plant network.

Laboratory automation with the LAB Collection

With the PCS 7 LAB Collection, laboratory work can be automated with a high degree of quality, efficiency, and safety, and the automation can be quickly and easily adapted to changing conditions. Used in conjunction with SIMATIC IT R&D Suite with SIMATIC IT Unilab, it shortens the path from the initial idea to the finished product by optimizing your research and development processes.

Manufacturing Execution System suites

SIMATIC IT R&D Suite is a scalable software platform covering typical R&D activities, including the development of new products and product enhancement. The solution offers the necessary functionality for more efficient R&D processes and interdisciplinary cooperative analysis.

Laboratory information management system (LIMS)

SIMATIC IT Unilab is a multi-lab, multilingual LIMS for quality control, service, and R&D laboratories. It records and manages all quality data in a central database and configures quality workflows and analyses in the laboratory and in production. This includes automatic validation and alarm handling for management by exception.

Gas analysis

The OXYMAT paramagnetic oxygen gas analyzer is used for the continuous measurement of oxygen in gases. Its function is based on the paramagnetic alternating pressure method. Among other things, it is characterized by high reliability and a very short response time due to its robust design without moving parts.


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From plant designs and concepts to retrofits, from the development of new processes to the optimization of existing ones – with a global network of experts and committed employees in more than 190 countries, we can support you anytime and anywhere around the world with process engineers, automation technicians, project managers, or together with IT and industrial partners over the entire lifecycle of your chemical plant.

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Batch processes and operations pose tremendous challenges for the chemical industry, including maximum flexibility plus extreme stability, end-to-end transparency over the entire value flow, optimal plant performance with customized quality, and ever shorter development and order management times.  

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