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Times have changed. Smart Buildings are the rage, but Use Cases that deliver good business outcomes, today and into the future, are what really matters.    

Accelerate your digital transformation

How we live and work continues to rapidly evolve as social changes impact our everyday lives. The way people and businesses use buildings and interact with them has changed and buildings must be responsive to these new needs by increasing efficiency, resiliency, comfort and safety. Find out how Siemens and our powerful ecosystem of partners can accelerate the digital transformation of your building to meet your specific business goals.

Trends and challenges in buildings

Across the globe, organizations are facing unprecedented challenges and are looking for solutions to support growth, efficiency, resiliency, flexibility and speed, user experience, and sustainability. Let us demonstrate how to address these challenges, unlock new business opportunities, and create an amazing user experience by accelerating the digital transformation of your buildings. 

Easy, flexible, open and scalable digital solutions for buildings 

Siemens can help you future-proof your buildings and business against the unknown and respond to emerging trends with our adaptable, human-centric, IoT enabled solutions. We offer scalable, pay-as-you-grow solutions to help realize ROI quickly for all enterprises - big and small. Start small and scale fast from wherever you are in your business journey, to optimize your operations, create new business models and tap into new revenue streams. It’s time to accelerate your business outcomes.

A new workplace reality means people are placing greater emphasis on their working environment. Hybrid working and the ability to work flexibly are now common, but with them come new demands.

To effectively support this change, buildings must become more adaptable and offer new types of spaces and connectivity where people can have amazing experiences delivered through the power of scalable, open and flexible IoT-enabled solutions.

Learn how to enhance user experience and optimize space utilization with our digital technology and IoT solutions. 

Create an amazing experience with flexible IoT solutions

Technology is the enabler that makes buildings smart. Advanced analytics turn data into insights to automate buildings, allowing them to respond to changing conditions and creating efficiencies to meet the needs of their users. When technology is easy to use, flexible and open; it enables the creation of human-centric, resilient and sustainable spaces and helps unlock a building’s real potential.​

Whatever the size of your company, you can access the latest technology to accelerate your buildings’ digital transformation. Integration effort is low, there is no operational hassle, and expenses are predictable - you only pay as you grow​ portfolios which reduces operational costs.

Discover how technology can create user-centric workspaces in our whitepaper.

Buildings are responsible for 40% of global energy consumption, but by accelerating the digital transformation we can interpret accurate building data and introduce digital solutions to make them more energy-efficient, resource efficient and sustainable.

Equally, having responsive and resilient energy grid infrastructures ensures energy demand and supply is controlled intelligently to improve performance and efficiency and increase cost savings.

Accelerating change and digital transformation across our buildings and the power grids that supply them, we increase efficiency, resilience, flexibility and growth.

Read our whitepapers to find out how offices are at the forefront of creating sustainable buildings and decarbonizing the real estate sector.

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