Cooling & Thermal Optimization for Data Centers

Focused cooling strategies for reliability & efficiency under increasing demands

Leverage the power of AI

Siemens White Space Cooling Optimization 

Through artificial intelligence and predictive machine learning technologies, White Space Cooling Optimization (WSCO) eliminates the manual effort involved for cooling management and hot spot mitigation. Through this innovative technology, WSCO autonomously identifies and addresses cooling needs in real time allowing you to identify and prioritize maintenance needs, increase capacity, and capture further energy savings from even the most efficient environments.

  • Real-time response
  • Account for sudden shifts in demand
  • Increase overall energy efficiency and avoid over-cooling
  • A long-term solution maximizing performance of any business environment

White Space Cooling Optimization can be integrated with Desigo CC, or your existing building managment system, to provide insightful, cooling capacity management data.


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Demand Flow for Chilled Water System Optimization

Amid new cooling technologies available on the market – from evaporative cooling to air cooling, liquid cooling, hot/cold aisle containment and more – thousands of existing data centers today still use chilled water plants to cool their data centers.

Demand Flow provides sophisticated, cutting edge technology to optimize chilled water systems simply and effectively. This is achieved through leveraging lower condenser water temperatures with ambient temperature drops resulting in greater efficiencies, reduced life cycle costs, increased life expectancy of the chilled water plant equipment while reducing overall maintenance costs. For most customers, Demand Flow typically delivers an ROI in three years or less.

Powermanager for Data Centers

Delivering real-time monitoring and analysis beyond a traditional EPMS


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Thermal Optimization

Data center thermal optimization is a comprehensive package of facility improvement measures—from the cooling tower to the rack—which optimizes primary/secondary cooling cycles and white space. It applies intelligence about the density of IT workloads to regulate the cooling within a data center.

Achievable benefits:

  • Actionable insights for maintenance and operations
  • Average 2-3 year simple payback
  • Securing thermal conditions through continuous monitoring and control on rack-level

By optimizing chilled water cooling and white space cooling together, a data center can achieve more savings than using one or the other system individually. Using less energy in the chilled water plant can allow fan speed to be reduced in order to match air production with IT load.

In chilled water environments, the chiller plant production and air handling volume are brought down to match the IT load. Providing the right amount of chilled water and airflow provides the ability to meet set points across both systems to meet energy requirements.

To improve the way cooling is distributed throughout data center white space, Thermal Optimization combines Demand Flow with White Space Cooling Optimization—using artificial intelligence to dynamically cool the data center.

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