How do fire & life safety, and power management differ for edge data center deployments?

Fire safety at the edge

A small fire in a single piece of electronic equipment—potentially caused by heavy data center power loads and short-circuiting—can mean great damage and costly interruption. And for continuously growing data center markets—such as modular, in which data center criteria continues to evolve—the role of fire protection technologies and strategies is even more critical.

To prevent data center fires, Siemens’ Desigo® Fire Safety, fire alarm technology, SINOREX® Suppression technology, and its high sensitivity detectors have been implemented in Baselayer’s EDGE XC10 modular data center to meet its demanding applications.

Also implemented include Siemens’ Global ASA detection portfolio which utilizes superior analytic technology which can be applied specifically to meet the demands of a modular data center environment.  In addition to industry standard regulatory approvals, Siemens’ Desigo® Fire Safety detection system includes additional approvals for those applications which may require an exceptional degree of protection.  The flexibility of the Desigo® Fire Safety detection system is the perfect solution to accommodate the ever growing demand for modular data center needs.

Benefits of overhead power management for edge data centers

For a data center to be defined as an edge data center, it needs to provide greater amounts of content, closer to users. The effects of this mean that an edge data center tends to support greater workloads, requiring them to have the proper power distribution and cooling—and likewise, visibility into that power distribution.

By using Siemens intelligent busway technology, BASELAYER is also able to reduce the footprint within the EDGE xc10 module and allow for more space for IT equipment.  Additionally, the busway offers a high degree of flexibility to provide localized power distribution, which allows BASELAYER’s control systems to optimize airflow down to the component level. The technology will help improve BASELAYER’s existing benchmark of 19 percent energy reduction and $200,000 per megawatt of operational savings.

With Siemens’ technology and BASELAYER’s modular data center platform, operators will have greater insight into a data center’s power flow, resulting in greater energy efficiency and operational flexibility.

Siemens’s busway, for example, will save space inside the module and enable localized power distribution, allowing optimization of airflow down to the component level, improving the module’s energy efficiency.

All of these capabilities are key benefits for edge data centers.  To learn more, take an inside look at the EDGE XC10 edge data center now.