Datacenter Clarity LC 

Operate and manage your data center through a centralized cockpit

Together with the power of a BMS, DCIM can assist in both visualizing and managing all your facility’s assets and controls while introducing the comprehensive IT aspects you care about most. The result is a system designed to drive enhancements, optimize performance, and simplify system changes. 

Get more from DCIM with Datacenter Clarity LC

Datacenter Clarity LC is designed to drive immediate advantages today, while future-proofing your architecture of tomorrow. With over 800 real-time monitoring communication protocols, including BACnet, SNMP, OPC, DNP3, Modbus, IPMI and more, Datacenter Clarity LC is designed to be open, flexible and scalable to allow you to collect millions of points within milliseconds.

What to expect from Datacenter Clarity LC

  • Scalability 800+ natively integrated protocols and APIs
  • Analytics with customizable 4D graphical reporting & computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling with OOTB KPI reporting (PUE, CUE, WUE, DCiE, and more).
  • Alarms & Notifications with smart workflow in routing and native integrations with DesigoCC, custom event triggers, alarm dashboards, and remote notifications.
  • Integrate and automate multiple platforms and systems, including IT and rack level assets.
  • Optimization capabilities Through available extension modules such as PowerManager or Thermal Optimization, leverage a cohesive system for optimizing power, cooling, or both!
  • Asset product lifecycle management from inception to decommissioning through the power of automated workflows, MMS, ITSM, and more.
  • Capacity planning & forecasting for current, reserved and future resource planning
IT Infrastructure

From facility to IT infrastructure with Datacenter Clarity LC

Datacenter Clarity LCTM bridges the gap between IT and facility management to enable leaders to efficiently and effectively leverage existing synergies. 

IT asset management is comprised of (but not limited to):

  1. an asset management system
  2. work order system
  3. customer relationship management
  4. and cloud service management

Facility management is comprised of (but not limited to:

  1. a building management system
  2. energy management
  3. power quality
  4. and fire safety & security management