Data center stakes remain high with key industry needs around maximum uptime, highest efficiency, and full scalability. The good news is you can meet your needs today while positioning yourself to grow and address tomorrow’s challenges with an integrated data center management suite (IDCMS).


IDCMS provides automation and control of cross-discipline processes to drastically reduce human errors and complexity.


IDCMS is a holistic management approach for reliable and efficient IT and facility data center operation. It offers full transparency into entire facility infrastructures, enabling a solid decision-making basis to provide operational and efficiency improvements.



- Reliable and efficient operation

- Overall cost reduction and risk mitigation

- Capabilities to expand your IDCM approach and functionality over time

- Available, safe and secure infrastructure

- Fast and better decision making due to transparent, personalized dashboards


Through a lifecycle strategy and the right tools, you can ensure your data center has the right amount of efficiency to eliminate unplanned downtime, and increase cost savings and reliability.  


Take an integrated approach to data center management. Learn more about IDCMS by clicking on the interactive elements inthe graphic below.

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