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Market Drivers

Green data center market drivers

Key factors and market demands continue to drive the need for green data centers.

“The global green data center market is forecasted to reach USD $25 billion by 2024.”
Source: Global Market Insights, Inc., June 2018

According to Research and Markets, a green data center is defined as an enterprise class computing facility that is entirely built, managed, and operated on green computing principles. In response to market demands, many data centers today are taking "greener” efficiency measures. Evident of this is market data below which shows a decline in data center electricity consumption over the past 20 years.

Source: Energy Technologies Area, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy, “United States Data Center Energy Usage”

Top takeaways

  • Not all “green” or “energy-efficient” data centers are created equal
  • Hyperscale and mega data centers do make up a large number of today’s global green data center market footprint
  • Nonetheless, small to mid-sized data centers have vast opportunity to implement energy efficiency measures to improve their environmental impact and address Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)

“Smaller data centers will still account for about 60% of the energy used by data centers in the U.S. by 2020.”

     — United States Data Center Energy Usage Report, 2016

Energy efficiency

Creating your perfect place of data center energy efficiency

Your journey

Let us help you own your journey

Siemens takes a holistic approach to help you create your perfect place of data center energy efficiency.  Our solutions include a comprehensive set of programs geared to improve visibility of energy usage, reduce energy costs, and maintain optimal operations over the lifecycle of your facility.  We can deploy a wide range of energy-efficient and renewable energy solutions across your data center, including alternative energy, building & energy management, integrated power, heat pumps, and cooling solutions.

Assessing your current energy is one of the first steps to embarking on your “green” or energy-efficient” data center journey. It identifies opportunities to optimize energy performance, and improve facility and IT operation.


  • Regulatory compliance and safety
  • Energy efficiency
  • Current operational baseline

The process includes:

  • Site data collection
  • Building energy profile analysis
  • Cooling systems and equipment analysis
  • Airflow management review

It is important to identify the current systems, technologies and areas of your data center consuming the most energy prior to any evaluation or recommendations of facility improvement measures (FIMs).


  • Enhance and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Enhance energy consumption and efficiency

Through such steps, we can help you identify the FIMs that best suit your data center needs.

  • IT FIMs

           > Server consolidation

           > Server virtualization

  • Cooling System FIMs

            > Demand Flow for chilled water (CHW) | Learn more

             > Demand Flow for variable air volume (VAV) system | Learn more

             > Data center thermal optimization (white space cooling optimization + chiller plant optimization)

  • Air Management FIMs

            > Control optimization static pressure reset

            > CRAC/CRAH upgrade

            > Optimize supply air temperature

            > Optimize humidity control

            > Optimize return air management

            > Low-pressure drop air filter

            > Install rack blanking panels

  • Data center metrics and benchmarking

            > Metering (levels 1, 2 and 3)

  • Electrical FIMs

            > UPS replacement

            > Improve transformer efficiencies

  • Other

            > Supply side optimization/procurement

            > Improve lighting efficiency

            > Adiabatic humidifier upgrade

One of the biggest challenges in a data center is managing the lifecycle of data center equipment in a way that optimizes performance while reducing downtime. Thorough management of all the moving parts in your data center—from servers, to the power and cooling equipment, to fire detection, security, access control and more—is possible with the right monitoring tools in place.



  • Total facility operation with monitoring, reporting and data archiving capability

Through such applications as our Datacenter Clarity LC DCIM platform, Desigo CC building automation system or WinPM.NET electrical power monitoring system, we can help you:

  • Establish baselines
  • Establish improvement targets before implementing any improvement measures
  • Complete before- and after-analysis
  • Monitor key metrics via dashboards to verify operational improvements and prevent negative scenarios before they occur


  • Protect investment
  • Maximize compliance
  • Maximize energy efficiency (based on new baseline)
Data center thermal optimization

Data center thermal optimization

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