Power & Energy Management for Data Centers

Comprehensive energy monitoring and power quality for data centers

Your data center’s power grid and power distribution systems must be designed for high reliability, flexibility, and maximum efficiency. Siemens data center solutions are specifically designed to meet these demanding requirements. We offer tailored, “right-sized,” and consistent end-to-end power solutions, providing maximum survivability while complying to the most stringent safety and efficiency standards.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Siemens data center solutions additionally help you measure, monitor, and manage data center power usage at strategic points so you can predict and prevent problems, improve energy efficiency, and ensure you have reliable access to the power you need. In addition, you can rely on our electrical field service personnel and data center operations support staff to respond 24/7.

Grid Protection & Automation

Equip your data center with integrated systems providing a safe, secure, and resilient energy supply.  Our Siemens grid products for data centers offer:

  • substation automation and digitalization (IEC 61850),
  • advanced protections and controls (SIPROTEC, SICAM),
  • power quality and analysis,
  • microgrid controllers, and
  • power management systems. 
Siemens Data Center Solutions

Consistent End-to-End Power Solutions

Low & Medium Voltage

Power Distribution Systems

Siemens offers a comprehensive range of UL-listed low and medium voltage products to safely control, monitor and distribute power throughout the data center. From medium voltage switchgear, transformers and motor control to low voltage circuit protection equipment and switches, busway systems, low voltage switchgear, switchboards and panelboards.


Additionally, through Siemens’ acquisition of Russelectric, our portfolio includes ATS (Automatic Transfer Switches) and paralleling switchgear designed and built with quality in the USA. Russelectric also provides training simulators specific to your designs and project installations.

Intelligently Automate


Siemens Sm@rtGear introduces smart technologies into your electrical distribution. Built off the innovative SICAM technology, Sm@rtGear brings one common platform across your switchgear, delivering complete control to automate your energy distribution. 

Measure & Analyze

Metering & Power Quality

Siemens meters are equipped with a host of features and capabilities specific to project need and application. Several Siemens meters include technologies allowing for a heightened level of digitalization-delivering analytics, insights and integrations to further drive down costs while increasing overall performance and efficiencies. 

Optimize & Integrate


Power Manager, the latest extension module to Desigo CC, delivers comprehensive visibility into the electrical infrastructure of a data center with dashboards providing real-time and historical data for reporting, trending, analysis, alarming and KPI monitoring. With PowerManager integrated into Desigo CC, both power and building operations of the data center become unified in one central location.

Utility Management & Procurement

Siemens Energy Consulting Service group have worked with some of our largest customers to provide a range of solutions addressing a data center’s energy management needs and objectives. These services include:


Supply services to deliver energy procurement strategies, risk management, budgeting and forecasting, contract negotiations, as well as work to devise creative supply solutions. Our customer-centric procurement process is designed to solicit contract structures to benefit you, the customer. The entire process is facilitated through electronic means making it easy for utility suppliers to participate and for you to monitor project milestones. Benefits include the development and execution of an energy procurement strategy, optimized price risk management, streamlined budgets, professional contract negotiations as well as the potential for uncovering alternative supply options.


Utility Bill Management services that can help resolve utility bill errors and recover costs - freeing up internal resources and thereby improving productivity and optimizing tax and tariff structures to drive greater savings, as well as deliver transparency for reporting and analysis. Our clients may realize up to 250-500% ROI.


Sustainability Reporting services for enterprise carbon accounting, sustainability reporting and program implementation, and supply chain greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions requirements management.

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