Support for distributors

Working together to benefit your customers

Consistently meeting growing requirements is a task that electrical wholesale is confronted with on a daily basis. As your partner, Siemens not only helps you to optimally meet every demand, but also works with you to optimize the supply to end customers and to penetrate new markets and areas of activity. To help you keep track of all product details at all times and to guarantee maximum transparency for your customers, Siemens relies on market-based product classification standards such as ETIM, eCl@ss, and UNSPSC/IDEA.


From a traditional supplier to a digital partner

What does digitalization mean for distributors? On the one hand they can get closer to the customer, on the other they can generate additional value. Consistent data and interfaces, new service offerings, and data-based business models create competitive advantages over providers that remain sole product suppliers.

Ensure your support quality

Benefit from optimized assistance – to offer your customers best possible service.


Working together – growing together

You don’t have to face market challenges alone. For Siemens, distributors are more than just a sales channel. As genuine partners, we benefit from one another and create new business opportunities together – always focusing on our shared customers’ needs for information, support, and the best products for their applications.

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