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Optimize your production in the electronics industry with the Digital Enterprise portfolio

Digital Enterprise is Siemens’ comprehensive portfolio for the digital transformation with solutions to meet the specific requirements of the electronics industry – easily, quickly, flexibly and sustainably.

Would you like to commission new production lines faster and significantly decrease your time to market? Our experts will be happy to advise you!

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A comprehensive portfolio

For product designers, electronics manufacturers and machine builders

The electronics industry is characterized by extremely short product lifecycles. That is why a smart concept is needed – one that is intelligently adapted to this innovation-driven market. With the comprehensive Digital Enterprise portfolio: product designers, electronics manufacturers and machine builders can find the right hardware and software to meet any challenge.

Chinese machine builder Bozhon speedily develops, builds and tests machines for the electronics industry

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Bozhon is a Chinese machine manufacturer for the electronics industry. Bozhon and Siemens worked in tandem on the development of a new production machine for smartphones. While the machine was being built in China, virtual commissioning was taking place in Germany. The time savings in engineering resulted in the faster development, delivery, and commissioning of new machines.

Digital twins will further improve the competitiveness of companies – just as it has done for us.
Karl Chen, CMO of Bozhon Precision Industry Technology, China

Digital Enterprise – for starting and optimizing your digital transformation

To facilitate the introduction and implementation of digitalization, we also offer comprehensive consulting services and work with you to develop a digitalization strategy, including a roadmap. Even if your digital transformation is already well underway, we are the ideal partner to support you in the further optimization of your digitalization solutions.


Simplicity, speed, flexibility, sustainability

Whether you are a product designer, manufacturer or machine builder: innovation and production cycles have to be kept as short as possible in order for companies in the electronics industry to withstand strong competitive pressure. The goal is to bring out new products faster than your competitors. The Digital Enterprise portfolio for the electronics industry offers you four critical advantages: simplicity, speed, flexibility and sustainability.

Simplify processes and reduce complexity

Simplify processes and reduce complexity with the seamless, bidirectional transfer of engineering and construction data. You can configure automation in the TIA selection tool and transfer these configurations for technical application in the TIA portal. This reduces effort and costs.

Shorten workflows and time to market

Digital twin


The digital twin of the product, production and processes lets individual process stages be seamlessly linked throughout the entire lifecycle.


This makes it easier to reuse proven concepts, because adaptations and new requirements can already be taken into account and simulated ahead of time. Another benefit of the digital twin is shorter workflows, thanks to the ability to work in parallel to assembly and construction.


Virtual commissioning


Virtual commissioning means that mechanical engineering, production, product design and automation are all performed in parallel. In this way, you optimize your automation project in a virtual test environment.


Tests and simulations based on virtual commissioning ensure a seamless transition to real commissioning. This means a shorter commissioning time for products, product design and mechanical engineering, which in turn results in a shorter time to market.

Rely on maximum flexibility

With the Digital Enterprise portfolio for the electronics industry, you have flexible machine concepts, faster product changeovers, and no problem modifying processes and motion functions – for example, when the design of an electronic device has to be changed just before the start of production.


Additional benefits include the standardized integration and control of product lines based on standardized data interfaces and status models. Fast configuration and programming also enable new machine concepts in various industries and applications.

Get ready for the future

As a thought leader and developer, Siemens supplies digital systems well in advance so that companies are future-ready. Three trends are fundamentally transforming the electronics industry: artificial intelligence, edge computing, and augmented reality.


Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform human-centered engineering models into automated systems, which is important for quality control and predictive maintenance. AI can also lead to productivity gains that surpass human efforts and facilitate continuous occupational training.


Edge computing

The Industrial Edge, or edge computing, can help supplement PLC functionalities with additional computing power and personalized service requirements – with no need for fundamental changes to the production architecture. Edge apps also offer you additional functionalities for your machines. Benefits include central updates of all devices through mass rollouts.


Augmented reality

Augmented reality will be the HMI of the future. For operators, this means extreme transparency and invaluable insights into controllers, machines and production processes.


Practical solutions for the electronics industry

The following practical examples demonstrate how the electronics industry can benefit from our products and solutions.

Discover firsthand how our entire value chain benefits from digitalization

Customer Collaboration Center


The new CCC (Customer Collaboration Center) is domiciled in California, US and part of the Silicon Valley. We invite you to experience the latest technologies in the electronics industry and their applications at first hand in our showroom environment, talk to our experts and profit from dynamic training methods with use-cases and hands-on examples.


Change the smart way

With the comprehensive Digital Enterprise portfolio from Siemens: you can have easy, quick, flexible and sustainable production in the electronics industry.