What drives the future of the food and beverage industry?

Investment in digital drives new efficiency gains but there are still areas for improvement

As our industry undergoes dramatic change, it’s vital that the decisions we make today provide options for long-term growth. Unfortunately, we find many food and beverage manufacturers locked-into a vicious cycle of maintaining a mishmash of technologies. Not making a change to transform operations creates real risk to long-term growth. It is important to have a partner that can help you integrate the way you perform operations today with how you are transforming for tomorrow.  On behalf of Siemens, Longitude Research conducted interviews with US manufacturers in the Food and Beverage industry to discover their reasons for digitizing and barriers to progress in digitalization. The research assessed each manufacturer’s digital capabilities across six core dimensions: data intensity, connectivity, adaptability, integration, security, and people. 

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Your digital journey starts now

Have you upgraded a system of individual components, learned new software, migrated to a new system only to realize the "new" components lack smart manufacturing capabilities?

Respond to consumer demand through technology. Let us partner with you reduce engineering time and gain efficiency through digitalization. Watch the videos below. Food and beverage thought leaders consider responses to the current climate of industry disruption. Consider–or reconsider–your company’s response to the changing landscape of food and beverage production.

Insight Paper

Disruption in food and beverage: How are producers and manufacturers reacting?

The future of the food and beverage industry is being driven by two factors—the rise of new technologies that promise far greater operational efficiency and changes in consumer expectations.

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