Productivity and sustainability in the food and beverage industry

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To meet individual customer requests quickly and in the highest quality, the food and beverage industry relies on maximum flexibility and productivity. At the same time, sustainability is an important factor in the industry’s success. With digital solutions we help you to master the digital transformation in production, buildings and infrastructure and to achieve a sustainable energy transition.

Master the digital transformation

Are you familiar with our digital approaches to greater productivity and sustainability?

Tap new optimization potential in buildings and production facilities as well as in power supply in the food industry. From research and development to automation, logistics, power supply, and building management, we help you produce high-quality food while also boosting your productivity and sustainability. The key is digitalization: To successfully master the digital transformation, it is necessary to become a Digital Enterprise, which can be done at speed and scale with Siemens Xcelerator.

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Use cases from the food and beverage industry

There are many levers how companies in the food and beverage industry can improve their flexibility, efficiency, and sustainability. Check out the use cases we’ve compiled, and discover the opportunities for your company.


Discover exciting use cases

Siemens Xcelerator – Accelerating the digital transformation

Combine the real and digital worlds – to become a Digital Enterprise with Siemens Xcelerator

Siemens Xcelerator is our open digital business platform enabling efficiency, resiliency, flexibility, user experience, and sustainability. Making digital transformation easier, with faster time to market, and at scale.


It comprises:

  • a curated, modular portfolio of software and IOT-enabled hardware built on standard application programming interfaces and a range of services from Siemens and certified third parties
  • a growing ecosystem of partners – from solution vendors to technology partners
  • a marketplace, that will grow over time, as a central point to explore, educate, exchange and transact alongside a community of customers, partners, and developers


With clear technical and commercial governance based on highest standards and values, we facilitate co-creation and collaboration between partners, customers and developers. Together, we can accelerate your digital transformation!

#F&BTechTalks: Webinar series – Secure competitive advantages in the food and beverage industry with digitalization
#F&BTechTalks | Webinar series

Innovative concepts for the food and beverage industry

Discover proven digitalization concepts for existing and new systems in the food and beverage industry, with which you can secure competitive advantages. In the practice-oriented webinars you will learn how our customers were able to optimize their systems successfully and how you can implement these findings for your company.

How can you turn productivity and sustainability into new competitive advantages?

The impact of food production on the environment is playing an increasingly important role. How much CO2 do production processes generate and how much water do they pollute? How much waste is created by the packaging? Along with the desire for a more personalized portfolio, product sustainability is playing an increasingly more significant role in purchase decisions.

Sustainability as a competitive advantage

The solution is to consider the entire facilities, processes, buildings, and infrastructure regarding their environmental impact. This means: optimize your energy consumption – by making use of greater transparency to improve your energy efficiency. Based on this holistic approach, first decarbonization measures are triggered. Furthermore, this implies the transition to renewables and the efficient use of resources. You’ll make significant savings, in addition to helping the environment. And as a result, you’ll achieve your decarbonization targets.

Securing productivity in the long term

Reliable production isn’t an option if your plant doesn’t have a dependable energy supply. But even that isn’t enough, if you want to ensure uninterrupted operations: The safety and security of people, products, and processes must be ensured at all times, in production facilities as well as in office and administrative buildings. A digital production and smart building management system help you to reduce time to market, minimize energy consumption and increase productivity.

Maximize flexibility

Trends and rapidly changing customer requirements characterize the food and beverage industry. New products must be developed quickly in order to manufacture them reliably and in top quality using production facilities adapted with equal speed. Innovative solutions help you to design, engineer, configure and validate personalized products as well as the production. This enables you to leverage complexity and gives you a competitive advantage.

New level of transparency

Where is the largest amount of energy consumption on your shop floor and in your buildings, and how can you optimize consumption without affecting productivity? Data and consequent data management are the key to a new level of transparency that will help you make right and quick decisions. Intelligent power management and monitoring tools empower you to optimize energy consumption and efficiency across the facility in order to use resources as efficiently and productively as possible.

Successfully implementing your digital transformation

Where to start, how to do it, what are the next steps? Getting advice at the start of your digital journey helps you set off in the right direction. The steps toward accessing the data you need are to establish IT and OT connectivity within the company: we link the real world with the digital world so you can intelligently use the data generated within your company. What does that mean? Connecting intelligent devices as well as gathering and analyzing big data from buildings, energy supply and production lines together with digital twins and artificial intelligence will support your digital transformation.

Flexible production with the digital twin

By linking and making smart use of all product and production-relevant data, companies in the food and beverage industry can respond more quickly to unexpected events and market requirements. That’s exactly what you get with our Digital Enterprise portfolio, which links the real and digital worlds. It’s all made possible by a comprehensive digital twin, which integrates the entire product lifecycle with the factory and/or plant lifecycle and performance data. The result is a continuous cycle of optimization for products and production. Watch the video to learn more!

Smart buildings and secure energy optimize your production

Production facilities and processes should operate with optimal efficiency. But in the food industry, a company’s production environment can also have a significant impact on product quality, sustainability, and operating costs. A smart building infrastructure, the efficient use of energy, and a sustainable power supply are thus crucial to business enterprises.


Our range of solutions for the food and beverage industry

With our solutions, we make the digital transformation possible for your production, buildings, and systems. Discover our complete portfolio for boosting your sustainability and productivity.

Additional products and services

Realize your digital transformation by transforming into a true Digital Enterprise
Digital Enterprise

Infinite opportunities from infinite data – by becoming a Digital Enterprise with Siemens Xcelerator

By transforming into a true Digital Enterprise, companies can collect, understand and use the infinite amount of data created in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The result: A continuous loop of optimization in near real-time, maximum transparency, and reduced resource consumption to make industry more sustainable. With Siemens Xcelerator – our easy, flexible, and open digital business platform – we help our customers to accelerate their digital transformation to become a Digital Enterprise. Discover the possibilities for your company!

Edge computing

Edge computing in the food and beverage industry

It’s good to know that you can respond to trends more quickly and sustainably with Industrial Edge!

Companies in the food and beverage industry are faced with the challenge of rapidly responding to new trends while at the same time using resources more sustainably. Both can be achieved, thanks to greater transparency directly at the machine. Industrial Edge offers innovative options for using data from production intelligently in order to sustainably optimize processes and plants.

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With the Digital Enterprise portfolio, we support companies of any size in the food and beverage industry. Here you’ll find some examples from practice.
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Digitalization pays off

Individualized mass production enabled by digital technologies provides the key to optimized business processes and sustainable success in the food and beverages industry. Learn directly from our experts how you can create a digital twin from your entire value chain all the way from product design to production, services and marketing, to act more flexibly, improve margins, and react on new trends in a targeted manner.

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Our Solution Partners are the experts for your specific challenges. With customized automation solutions and innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital twins and blockchain, you benefit from flexible, secure batch processes, recipe-accurate production and sophisticated dosing and mixing applications. Take advantage of the industry know-how and many years of project experience of our certified partners for your solutions based on digital technologies and systems and achieve more flexibility, speed and safety in your production with shorter time-to-market.

Innovative financing offers for the food and beverage industry

With innovative automation and digitalization technologies, you can respond faster to changes in demand and new trends. But what's the best way to make these investments without straining your bank’s credit line? This is where Siemens Financial Services comes in: With a unique combination of financing and technology expertise, our experts develop the right financing offer for you, such as leasing, installment plans or pay-for-performance models.

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