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Greater flexibility and productivity for carbonated and non-carbonated beverage production

Many of today’s plants are still using yesterday’s technology, which requires constant repairs and causes unexpected downtime. Fragmented production lines affect compatibility and productivity. All of these challenges impact cost-per-unit efficiency. The beverage market is characterized by frequently changing and often short-lived trends. To stay ahead of the competition over the long term, drink manufacturers must be able to rapidly adapt their production to new requirements at all times – and to always work efficiently and produce optimal quality. What if you could reduce your automation engineering and commission costs by an average of 30%? What if you could modernize your plant, but preserve your investment in legacy equipment? You can increase control over your production lines, decrease operational costs and appeal to the incoming workforce. Siemens offers solutions tailored specifically to the requirements of carbonated and non-carbonated beverage production to ensure reliable production processes and product quality that can be reproduced at all times.

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Digital Enterprise

The comprehensive approach to optimize the entire value chain

The Digital Enterprise enables manufacturing companies to streamline and digitalize their entire business process, seamlessly integrating suppliers into the mix. They can begin at any point of their value chain, from product design to service, and can extend digitalization gradually, depending on their current needs.

The production process in detail

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The first phase involves digitally developing a new product. The SIMATIC IT R&D Suite flexibly supports the recipe and makes it possible to run simulations in order to virtually optimize recipes prior to production. At the same time, it checks whether the new product meets all regulations. The packaging and labels are also developed and tested virtually with Teamcenter NX.

The second phase begins with digital production planning based on our Line Designer planning tool for the layout of production lines. The plant is then tested and further optimized with our Tecnomatix Plant Design software to maximize throughput and availability.

Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) quickly, flexibly and efficiently handle the mechanical, electrical and automation design, as bottom up engineering approaches. Engineering efficiency can be increased for the production process as well as for bottling and packaging in the manufacturing part through integrated workflows.

In phase 4, SIMATIC IT acts as a bridge to the actual production process, which is optimized continuously. The universal database makes it possible to easily connect the ERP system to the automation technology and thus increase transparency through detailed reports and overviews.

Relevant KPIs for the production line and the process part are displayed and evaluated by specific apps on the basis of the cloud-based, open IoT operating system, MindSphere. This facilitates new services such as predictive, preventive and error clearance services that generate real added value through higher plant availability.

Industry Services for Soft Drinks

Siemens offers services that increase the availability and efficiency of Soft Drink plants. Various services improve the system transparency and help to detect  defects on electrical and mechanical components before they occur. They help  to reduce energy and maintenance costs - you can schedule maintenance at the right time within the production cycle.

Energy Analytics can tell you where and why you are wasting energy, as well as advice you on what measures you can take to reduce the energy consumption.


  • Cloud-based service requires minimal amount of your own resources
  • Data analytics and energy expert know-how provide insights on existing energy saving potentials
  • Cost savings of up to 15% are possible by reducing energy consumption

Industrial Network Validation helps to find hidden network problems before bigger production ussues occur. Additionally you get transparency about the potential network availability and your network is future-proof for Industry 4.0 challenges.


  • Detection of weak points in the design, installation and data communication of the network
  • Disclosure of network communication reserves for future extensions 
  • Recommendations for optimizing the network and the connected components

Migration of “mature” long-serving Automation Systems will prolong the life of your machines and increase  productivity at reasonable costs!


  • Higher productivity and production output with fewer unplanned shutdowns 
  • Lower life cycle costs, e.g. maintenance and spare parts  costs
  • Fit for the future due to SIMATIC Products with Open system architecture and unified Interfaces

Industrial Security Services help to protect plants, systems, machines and networks against cyber threats, it is necessary to implement – and continuously maintain – a holistic, state-of-the-art industrial security concept. 


  • In-depth understanding of current security status
  • List of proposed measures with budget estimation for realization
  • Machines are hardened against unwanted changes
  • Unwanted changes are stopped
  • Logging & notification of change attempts in a central dashboard

Customer-specific maintenance packages for Siemens and non-Siemens products and solutions
Provision of technical expertise, process-know-how and maintenance to optimize the performance of plants and systems
Long term service agreements


  • Optimal availability and reliability through on-site presence
  • Innovations and specific plant and technology know-how
  • Custom-fit service concept
  • Demand-oriented support for maintenance teams
Case Studies

Helping our partners find success

Many of our products and solutions are already being successfully used in the carbonated and non-carbonated beverage industry. Below is a selection of these applications.