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  • Our research highlights the advantages to manufactures of investing in digitalized technologies – with a potential productivity bonus of up to $327 billion to the global food and beverage sector.

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Financing agile technologies for the future Food and Beverage industry

The food and beverage industry is changing rapidly to cope with the changing nature of supply and demand, developing technologies, digitalization and new ways of working. No other finance provider understands machinery and technology for the food and beverage sector like us. As part of Siemens, pioneering manufacturers of equipment and technology for the sector, we’ve seen the benefits that agile technologies and digitalization bring, in terms of increased productivity, energy efficiency and quality for food and beverage manufacturing, production and packaging.


Let us help you plan your finances and reap the rewards without creating a strain on existing capital or credit lines. OEM, machine builder, systems integrator, or manufacturer, our solutions allow you to capitalize on your potential with optimum flexibility.

Digitalize your business without the constraint of capital budgets

Digitalization has had a remarkable impact on efficiency, agility and competitiveness for food and beverage manufacturers. But investing in new technologies can seem daunting. Our Digital Enterprise Finance helps you manage the process of adoption, with tailored payments, which can be structured around the expected outcomes that digitalization can deliver. And, because we remove the need for upfront capital investment, you can choose a solution that based on your business needs, and planned digitalization pathway over time, rather than your capital budget.

Investment in the latest food and beverage technology made simple.

Agile technologies offer exciting possibilities for the food and beverage industry: more productivity, lower operating costs, higher quality. With our machinery and technology finance solutions, you can benefit from our long experience in the sector to guide your choice of technology - and a range of solutions that allow you to invest without impacting on capital budget or cash flow.  

Build business resilience with extended payment terms

In a tough climate, managing cash flow is more critical than ever. By allowing terms of up to 180 days for Siemens products, our unique facility, Extended Payment Terms, gives you another source of working capital - without impacting existing credit lines. And because the facility is linked into Siemens’ order process, you can draw on it easily, whenever you need to.

Improve your sales opportunities

Don’t let a sale fall through due to a customer’s lack of capital budget. Siemens’ Financing Programs for Channel Partners and Vendors in the Food and Beverage sector helps you differentiate your value proposition and enable your customers stay competitive with the latest food and beverage technology. We work with OEMs, Distributors and Resellers to offer their customers affordable finance that makes the deal happen. And, because we pay you promptly and directly for the technology, you can be reassured of a positive impact for your cash flow.

A smart way of financing technology updates

When every investment really does count, upgrading equipment can be a smart way to stay competitive. Upgrading existing tech can significantly improve performance, allowing your business to respond to market demands quickly and cost-effectively. And because we can tailor your retrofit finance to match expected future benefits –the cost of your update is effectively paid for by improvements it delivers over time.

Smart financing that can aligned to business outcomes

A range of tailor-made packages where payments can be aligned to expected business outcomes such as productivity improvements, energy efficiency, increased quality or enhanced agility. We work closely with customers to understand the planned outcomes from use of new technology or a particular project, so we can arrange financing and payments with that in mind.

Integrated options for software licensing

A range of financing for software to support food and beverage manufacturers improve their digitalization process. Additional options include maintenance and implementation services for Siemens customers. 

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From automation to supply-chain, packaging to personalization, Financial Services from Siemens enables Food and Beverage OEMs and manufacturers worldwide increase their productivity and efficiency.
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Working with Siemens Food and Beverage team

Siemens has been providing leading technology and finance solutions to food and beverage Process OEMs and manufacturers over many decades, so we understand the sector challenges and how to create financing solutions that help you realize the potential of your business. New technologies offer even greater possibilities. Whether we’re helping a brewery expand its portfolio, a dairy personalize its products, or a bakery automate production, Siemens digitalization technology is at the heart of the change. With the Digital Enterprise solution portfolio, Siemens offer the products and solutions you need to fully or gradually integrate and digitalize your entire value chain. 

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