Integrated automation makes plants safer

Companies that operate in regulated industries such as the food and beverage industry face significant compliance challenges. Using a digitalization strategy makes it easier to comply with regulations while innovating for the future.    To achieve this, you need an integrated digital approach to quality and compliance that includes audit programs, employee qualification, risk mitigation, and contingency planning. This gives you actionable information for continuous improvement throughout the value chain. 

Why “wait and see” is not a strategy

With stricter federal and state food safety legislation almost certain, it’s understandable if not ironic that this certainty has produced extreme uncertainty in what kinds of investments will be needed when. The resulting “wait-and-see” approach could be inaction. However, inaction can have hazards all its own, especially complacency. While watching legislative developments very closely, you should also take the time before any legislation becomes law to fully evaluate their current food safety and defense infrastructure and programs.

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Food and safety regulations

Increased regulation and consumer demand for transparency are reshaping the food industry. How does this impact you?
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Along with products and solutions tailored specifically to the requirements of the food and beverage industry, Siemens recommends additional offerings to help you get the most out of your company.
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