What does digital transformation look like?

How equipped are you for a digital future?

The future of the food and beverage industry is being driven by two factors: the rise of new technologies that promise far greater operational efficiency, and changes in consumer expectations.     On the one hand, technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data and analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, offer executives a range of powerful new management tools for understanding and optimizing all aspects of food sourcing, processing, and distribution.    On the other, consumers are becoming much more demanding in their expectations for fresher, safer, high-quality products, made with more organic, less genetically modified and heavily processed ingredients. They want far more information about what’s in their food, how it is made, and how it reaches their tables.

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How digital is your thinking?

Industry observers note that a new mindset is required of manufacturers for them to fully benefit from digital transformation – a mindset that introduces digital capabilities and skills into strategic thinking. That is particularly true in the food and beverage industry where many manufacturing plants are using the same processes that have been in place for decades. Those farthest along on the transformation journey are able to capture and analyze data to make informed business decisions that shorten time to market, increase efficiencies, satisfy customers, and gain a competitive edge. This requires more efficient machines, systems and processes with an integrated platform acting as the backbone.
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Addressing issues in the food and beverage industry

Siemens is on the front line of making improvements for the future of industry.
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Using data to improve efficiency

As the Food and Beverage industry continues to rapidly change, manufacturers must use data effectively to stay ahead of the curve across the entire food life cycle.

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