How will you cross the digital divide?

The food and beverage industry has decades of success sticking with tried and true processes and packaging methodologies. But, the rules have changed. An industry based on scale--delivering large volumes of product safely--is now faced with a market that no longer desires scale. Diversity of product and innovation dictates today. To satisfy this need, as well as to create efficiency and reduce costs, food manufacturers across the country are turning to digital technologies. Digitalization creates substantial productivity increases for food manufacturers across the entire value chain, from design and engineering to sales, production and service. As a result, companies anticipate an average of an 18% increase in efficiency.  Despite the inevitable evolution, less than half of manufacturing leaders consider themselves ready for digitalization.

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A new world to discover with data

Siemens gathered food and beverage executives to discuss the future of the industry. While many are modernizing, they saw key gaps in how data was being integrated and put to use. Have you achieved truly integrated data, yet?
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