What does digital transformation look like?

Embracing the digital revolution in the food and beverage industry

A digital revolution is transforming today’s factories. By merging cloud computing with real-time data and advanced analytics, manufacturing is making an historic leap forward through digitalization. Digitalization creates substantial productivity increases for food manufacturers across the entire value chain, from design and engineering to sales, production and service. As a result, companies pursuing this transformation anticipate an average of an 18% increase in efficiency.  Despite the inevitable evolution, fewer than half of manufacturing leaders consider themselves ready for digitalization.

The data challenge

From smart devices to smart data

Going digital means updating a legacy install base of machinery and instruments that are inflexible and sometimes even isolated from the network.  This change is underway across the industry. First, Ethernet proliferates across the plant floor, so does the connectivity and communication between systems. Second, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is adding intelligence to instrumentation and other devices allowing for more available data. But the problem is not solved. Once manufacturers have a way to transmit information from “smart devices” they then have to figure out how to aggregate and analyze that data – as companies will have massive amounts of information coursing through the plant, enterprise and supply chain.

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