Production of sugar under the most advanced quality and efficiency conditions

Sustainable, robust, and advanced sugar production

Digitalization is opening up new potential for production optimization

The megatrend of CO₂-neutral production affects all aspects of production of sugar. Each ton of steam that can be saved in the production process is essential. Thanks to digitalization, new approaches can be implemented in production control and optimization. By using integrated database applications, it becomes possible to analyze the current process conditions in real time, and provide information on the expected near-future conditions.

Digital Twin

The comprehensive Digital Twin in detail

With all the digitally available data from a sugar factory in one system, it’s possible to combine information from all areas of a sugar factory. You can analyze, simulate, and keep track of maintenance or other plant conditions online and just in time. It’s no longer necessary to search for paper documentation or to determine the right parameter setting for the recalibration of a flow transmitter. The digital twin will provide any required information at the click of a button. We support and provide the tools, expertise, and engineering to implement the digital twin in your plant – whether it’s greenfield or brownfield.

The digital twin is the precise virtual model of a product or a production plant. It displays their development throughout the entire lifecycle and allows operators to predict behavior, optimizing performance, and implement insights from previous design and production experiences. 


There is tremendous value gained from performing "what if" scenarios and predicting future performance with the digital twin. The ultimate goal of the digital twin is in the closed-loop connection between the virtual world of production planning with the physical world of production system and production performance. Through this connection actionable insight is gained from the physical world for informed decisions throughout the lifecycle of products and production operations.

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Automation and control in a new dimension

Digital enterprises produce more flexible and with maximum quality

Once a factory has started down the path of full automation, it’s already following the roadmap to becoming a digital operation – from the field level of instruments through process control using our NAHMAT standards to data analytics with NAHMAT MIS (management information system) all the way to remote support. As RDS (remote diagnostic service) for the turbines and generators or via CPA (control performance analytics) for the optimization of control functionality from our process specialists – there’s no end to new ideas for maintenance and operation.
Digital Enterprise

The holistic approach to optimize the entire value chain

The Digital Enterprise enables manufacturing companies to streamline and digitalize their entire business process, seamlessly integrating suppliers into the mix. They can begin at any point of their value chain, from product design to service, and can extend digitalization gradually, depending on their current needs.

The production process in detail

Siemens offers the right solution for each step in the production process.

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Practical examples of digitalization in the sugar industry

Digitalization is opening up new opportunities for efficient, fast production of sugar with maximum flexibility.

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