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Bridging the skills gap via workforce development

You see it in your own workforce. Your most tenured employees are retiring, taking with them their knowledge and experience. New entrants to the job market are increasingly looking for careers outside of manufacturing. As Raj Batra, president of Siemens Digital Factory says, "America is becoming a force in a new type of manufacturing – high-tech, digital, advanced manufacturing – in which the skill requirements are much more rigorous than they used to be. This is evident in the two million manufacturing job openings nationally that employers are having a hard time finding qualified applicants for, a statistic underscoring why employers must work harder than ever to market the opportunities that exist and make training a priority." How will you maintain or increase your completive edge as the skills gap widens?   At Siemens, we believe in a two-front approach: • attract and prepare new workers to compete for and succeed in higher-tech manufacturing jobs • accelerate efforts to increase technical productivity by digitizing the manufacturing process

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Combat the industrial skills gap with comprehensive training options.

Siemens Industrial Training (SITRAIN USA) delivers s a 30-to-1 productivity return for every dollar spent, so there is no better investment. Our SITRAIN technical learning services help you design programs to close skill gaps.   

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Siemens PLM software solutions provides a variety of software training to meet your specific need.

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Process instrumentation training. Real world situations in a lab environment.

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How do you sustain a shrinking workforce?

Hear from food and beverage industry thought leaders on how they approach workforce development
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Along with products and solutions that support sustainability requirements for the food and beverage industry, Siemens recommends additional offerings to help you get the most out of your company.

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