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Modernization is critical in order to drive flexibility, efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness.  According to Morgan Stanley, the average age of the automation infrastructure in the United States is the highest it has been since 1938. How do you where to start?   At Siemens, we have seen the greatest success as companies take a focused, step-by-step approach to modernization.

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Safety Integrated

Seamless integration of safety with automation

SIMATIC Safety Integrated is the seamless integration of machine safety in the SIMATIC automation system. You use one system for your standard and fail-safe automation at the same time. You receive economic advantages, reliability and savings potential for hardware, engineering overhead and storage costs.

Get integrated safety, security and no-programming diagnostics

Reactive maintenance can cost 50% more than planned maintenance.  SIMATIC Safety Integrated ensures maximum reliability and saves appreciable time and costs.

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Modernization in food and beverage

Food and beverage manufacturers are modernizing and turning to digital technology. Digital technology makes it possible to bring together materials, machines, process, data, and customers. This makes it possible to adjust recipes and batch sizes in order--using data to make the best decisions.
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How connected is your ecosystem?

The key to making the vision of the digitalized food and beverage industry a reality lies in the food supply chain—how each link in the chain can be transformed to promote food quality, safety, transparency, traceability, and speed to market, and how that, in turn, can most fully engage and delight customers as their demands and expectations mutate.  Every food and beverage company’s supply chain incorporates the activities of five players: food producers, processors, distributors, retailers, and finally, the customers themselves. But the static, linear supply chain of the past is now giving way to the 21st century food “ecosystem,” in which all the players are intimately entangled in a web of causes and effects tied together by an increasingly transparent network of data ceaselessly flowing back and forth throughout the system. 

Addressing issues in the food and beverage industry

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