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Digital & sustainable solutions for life science and critical environments

Life science and critical environments must meet unique requirements. Siemens digitalization and sustainable solutions ensure that these environments (laboratories, pharmacies, and critical storage spaces to campuses and buildings) – are safe, secure, efficient, and compliant.


We can maintain an environment that helps you do your best work and research.

We make rooms and buildings as safe and comfortable as possible for the people who use them. By partnering with you, we design and implement service strategies to meet your business and research goals. We help your critical environments to perform at their best, as designed and intended to operate. Watch our latest video and download our brochure to learn how.

Leading the way in Life Science

Chad House portrait, Siemens Head of Life Science Americas

Chad House, Head of Life Science Americas

Chad’s 25+ years of HVAC energy management industry experience is foundational to helping Siemens life science and critical environments’ customers design and develop customized, forward-thinking solutions and services. Read his white paper: Adapting to a changing world. This paper addresses the lab managers next priority – keeping the smart life science environment performing at its best.  Download white paper.

Paul Fuson portrait, National Business Development Manager

Paul Fuson, National Business Development Manager

Paul has more than three decades of experience in developing and delivering safe ventilation control solutions for healthcare and critical environments, Paul has led the development of a wide range of Siemens products and solutions, including the GOLO intelligent air valve and the Green Lab Solution. Read his white paper: New dogs, new tricks: airflow control update.  This paper summarizes emerging areas that can expand the laboratory airflow control design range and provide ways lab and critical environment managers can prepare for the smart lab.   Download white paper.

Jim Coogan, P.E.

Jim Coogan, P.E.


Jim is a principal in product development with more than 40 years’ experience and 20 patents. Read his white paper:  Best Practices: Building automation systems in life science and laboratory environments. Jim shares best practices for an effective building automation system within life science and lab environments.   Download white paper.

Solutions sets for Critical Environments

From preventing unauthorized access and minimizing risks to sharing information and helping meet regulatory requirements, we offer packaged solutions to support the environments below.
Siemens Exelerator

Engage with Top Discussions in the Life Science Industry

Learn how to accelerate productivity, ensure employee safety, and improve quality with sustainable solutions. We invite you to read more about these solutions on our Pharma and Life Science marketplace. Here you can also engage with the top discussions facing the industry.

  1. Desigo room automation for your lab
  2. Identify sources with highest energy using Building X Energy Manager
  3. Develop and produce new drugs and vaccines faster than ever with paperless Pharma-specific MES

SpecWriter for Critical Environments

Are you responsible for developing lab ventilation specifications? Siemens SpecWriter Online is the tool for you. This tool can assist with the creation and design of laboratory systems and environments, it will help you properly configure lab ventilation and control systems.

Learn more about SpecWriter Online

Continue with confidence in safe, secure, healthy, and efficient critical environments

Siemens is committed to supporting life science and critical environments and our smart infrastructure program is designed to help protect your people, assets, and environment. Learn more about this technology:


Ozone-Free, Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Solution


Infection Control in Life Science Environments

Leveraging Sourcewell Contracts to streamline projects

Siemens is proud to partner with Sourcewell and their Cooperative Purchasing Contracts. This agreement allows colleges and universities to purchase solutions, equipment and services through a pre-negotiated contract vehicle, saving time and eliminating the RFP process. Even with allocated federal funding now available for education, this vehicle can accelerate this process. This applies to planned or actionable projects due to the pandemic that can improve the health and safety of your institutions. Our team can assist in assessment, planning and managing your improvements, as well as providing continued support as needed.

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