Analytics Services for Labs

Analytic Services for Labs

Digitalization and data analytics offer an opportunity for lab operators to gain that visibility into lab performance, thereby optimizing operations, reducing downtime, and contributing to safety and compliance efforts and a reduction in energy consumption.

Enabling safety and compliance efforts through transparency

Analytic Services for Labs are designed for spaces with pressurization requirements and at least 10 fume hoods onsite to provide a systematic, preventive maintenance approach for lab ventilation and sash management. Through the systematic, non-intrusive monitoring and preventive maintenance approach, Analytic Services for Labs optimize and maintain ongoing laboratory space performance for the purposes of managing energy consumption, complying with regulations, and supporting the safe and efficient operation of these critical environments.


Secure, cloud-based dashboards are delivered by Navigator and integrated with the Siemens building automation system to help lab managers visualize equipment and energy performance. Siemens will periodically review performance dashboards and reports with the customers and identify areas for ongoing improvement.


Specifically, lab managers gain transparency, visibility, and guidance for:

  • Lab optimization strategies, equipment maintenance, and services that will improve lab performance
  • Individual fume hood ventilation, room ventilation, temperature, pressure, and humidity performance over time to identify equipment performance issues, and optimization opportunities
  • Sash position on individual fume hoods over time to identify equipment that is not working properly or is not used according to policy, regulations, or safety
  • Cost and efficiency impacts to fault occurrences and airflow reductions
  • Trend analysis and data retention for safety and compliance management

How Analytic Services for Labs are implemented

Through a data-driven approach, we work with you to identify the critical fume hoods and lab spaces that need continuous monitoring. The service begins by understanding the priorities, goals, and key performance indicators (KPIs) for your laboratory space, as well as the data available from laboratory and fume hood controllers. This data is made available through Navigator for ongoing analytics, reporting, and follow-up.


Once Navigator is set up, Siemens performs an end-to-end inspection of the appropriate equipment to ensure the equipment operates optimally and to establish an operational baseline.


From there, Siemens performs any onsite maintenance; provides training to access, use and interpret the Navigator dashboard and analytics; implements Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) to ensure systems operate as expected; monitors incoming data; provides periodic reporting; and conducts remote monitoring or onsite visits to help ensure KPIs are continually met.

Driven by outcomes

By using Analytic Services for Labs from Siemens, you can have access to Navigator to help manage immediate, time-sensitive needs and benefit your service experts who will use it to provide recommendations to efficiently execute on-site services.


By actively leveraging the data from your building automation system, fume hood and lab room controllers, you may realize:

  • Increased occupant safety and control over experimental/process variables
  • Improved documentation for regulatory or process compliance
  • Reduced utility expenses due to excessive ventilation
  • Reduced amount of time spent out of compliance
  • Reduced time identifying and troubleshooting lab ventilation equipment problems

The services become cyclical, continually focusing on customers’ needs and goals, which may evolve as their business unfolds. By taking an outcomes-based approach to understanding your business needs and goals, Siemens can help align services with KPIs, helping you achieve safety, compliance and energy performance objectives.

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