Green Labs Solution

Green Lab Solution

Achieve high levels of energy efficiency while remaining safe, secure and compliant

A Green Lab Solution (GLS) approach provides a careful balance between temperature, humidity and lighting requirements for each and every part of the research and development atmosphere and the comfort, health and safety needs of the occupants.

For People and Assets

Proper airflow conditions eliminate the risk of cross contamination and keep people safe from potentially toxic substances. Systems for precision lab rooms and fume-hood maintain airflow and pressurization within critical spaces. Differential pressure is tightly controlled to ensure proper airflow throughout the facility. Our alarm systems detect fires as early as possible and are even capable of distinguishing between various sources of flames or smoke.

Everywhere – All the Time

Smart restricting physical access keeps work flowing, allowing laboratory personnel to perform daily activities and processes without disturbances. A comprehensive security system guarantees physical access to only properly authorized personnel. Integrated RFID functionality embedded in our smart access cards conveniently fulfills security requirements remotely and reliably.

Always Mandatory

Environmental conditions maintained by building automation and control and security systems directly impact research results. In other words, compliance is mandatory. 

Years of experience in the life sciences industry means that you can rely on our systems to comply with global GxP-regulations as well as local fire and insurance regulations. We apply regulatory requirements such as Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and protection of Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures (ER/ES) to the entire building management. 

Siemens comprehensive validation support is your surety for efficient and effective validation, including user training and services during operation and maintenance to maintain a validated state.

Unrivaled Expertise

We offer unrivaled expertise in achieving critical environment and sustainability goals. Our solution will increase the efficiency of your laboratory operations today and in the future. As the only building automation system provider with a full portfolio of laboratory controls, only Siemens can offer new innovative energy-saving technologies tailored to meet your specific needs.

What if you could address your need for safe operations while reducing energy consumption?

It is possible to achieve your laboratory operations goals by following a comprehensive, step-by-step process for identifying the most effective ways to keep your facilities, people, and assets safe, secure, comfortable, and compliant.


Our program provides the service, technologies, and facility improvement measures (FIMs) designed to greatly reduce your energy consumption while taking a comprehensive approach to personnel safety, compliance, and comfort.

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