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Creating smart and sustainable labs for critical environments

Through smart, integrated systems, we help ensure your lab has the flexibility it needs to increase energy efficiency and meet regulatory and accreditation requirements—creating perfect places for progress

Building smart labs now for the future

Life Science facilities are facing increasingly difficult challenges in today’s environment. The demands of meeting changing regulations, improving efficiency, increasing speed to market, protecting workers’ health and safety, and reducing risk are forcing laboratory owners and managers to examine their building systems and operating procedures from a fresh perspective.


Today’s existing laboratories have significant opportunities to enhance researcher safety and wellbeing, reduce their utility consumption, improve sustainability and manage costs using the right technological innovations to position themselves with smart lab infrastructure for tomorrow’s modern scientists.

Defining the Smart Lab

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Smart lab infrastructure implements a holistic, digital optimization strategy that begins with a Green Lab Solution (GLS) approach and is based on data, predictive equipment maintenance and digital lab services to improve lab performance and occupant comfort, and foster future innovative research and development.


Start your journey by reading our new guidebook, Roadmap to Building a Smart Laboratory.

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Purpose-driven ventilation for healthy, sustainable buildings

Lab Demand Control Ventilation

Intelligent, accurate ventilation is at the heart of any smart lab design. AQGARD™ helps to create an energy-efficient, safer, and healthier work environment by having a positive impact on indoor air quality. The combination of deep energy savings, improved indoor environment, and reduced operating costs mean that AQGARD is helping create sustainable, smart labs.

Watch our video on how AQGARD works.

Green Lab Solution approach

The Siemens Green Lab Solution (GLS) approach provides the service, technologies, and facility improvement measures (FIMs) designed to greatly reduce your energy consumption while taking a comprehensive approach to personnel safety, compliance, and comfort.


The process:

  • Assess current operations and understand facility goals and objectives
  • Implement energy-saving technologies and solutions
  • Manage facility operations data
  • Maintain optimal energy efficiency with ongoing management and optimization

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Start your smart lab journey today

Smart lab video series

Life Science benchmarking just got better

Laboratory Benchmarking Tool—More data from more diverse labs drives smarter actions

Benchmarking in the Life Science industry can help stakeholders compare their building or laboratory performance to their peers to help set goals for energy upgrades and raise awareness of underperforming facilities. The newly revamped Laboratory Benchmarking Tool (LBT) is designed to help you set goals for energy upgrades with actionable suggestions with valuable lab specific data. Watch the video for an overview of the new and improved LBT tool that can help you drive more informed decisions and smarter actions.


Watch the video and enter your data into the Laboratory Benchmarking Tool today!

SpecWriter for Critical Environments

Are you responsible for developing laboratory ventilation specifications that are not only competitive, but also safe, efficient and compliant?


Siemens’ SpecWriter Online is the tool for you.


Specifically designed to assist with the creation and design of laboratory systems and environments, it will help you properly configure laboratory ventilation and control systems.


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