Total Room Automation

Total Room Automation for Life Science

Intelligently combining heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and shade control into a single platform
Time for change

It is time to move past the concept of the lab as an isolated space and energy consumer

Lab buildings use a lot of energy. In fact, a lab space consumes four to eight times more energy than typical office environments. The diverse lab equipment is a contributing factor—especially the fume hoods and ventilation system, which accounts for approximately 60% of the energy consumed in the lab space.  The ways in which people interact with lab equipment are also a significant contributing factor. From running lights and equipment at full capacity around the clock to leaving fume hoods open, the manual process of interacting with a lab space can have a significant impact on its energy consumption and operation, and can affect safety and compliance.


Life Science end users who operate critical controlled environments require simpler, easier solutions for operating labs, as well as visibility into lab performance to ensure lab facilities are safe, well-maintained, meet proper working conditions, and operate holistically—in an effort to make better decisions for the life of the facility.

Total Room Automation for Life Science

Creating perfect places for integrated performance

Total Room Automation (TRA) for Life Science intelligently combines heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, and shade control into a single platform. Unlike the traditional approach, where spaces are outfitted with separate systems that may or may not be integrated, Total Room Automation for Life Science enables:

  • Easy, efficient operations – Instead of managing multiple controls platforms, laboratory operators benefit from a single platform and interface to create and automatically assign interfaces that respond dynamically to occupancy with heating, cooling, fume hood controls, lighting, and shades.
  • Optimal, integrated air flow management – By connecting air flow controls in rooms and hoods, lab spaces can optimize ventilation rates to ensure safe and compliant operations that balance energy savings.
  • Greater occupant comfort – The HVAC strategy sustains comfortable temperatures, good air quality, and humidity while the lighting and shade controls respond to occupancy. Total Room Automation for Life Science also integrates ventilation strategies to maximize safe operations while optimizing energy consumption.
  • Visibility into lab performance – Siemens building automation system enables improved decision-making about operations. When all systems work in harmony and provide all operations data and controls through a single platform, operators can create more efficient, comfortable, safe lab environments—automatically.
  • Flexible design in collaborative spaces – Adapt easily to satisfy any type of room needs, today and in the future, to balance energy efficiency with comfort requirements of collaborative research spaces.

Integral controls optimize lab operations
Because control of the lab’s systems are integral to Total Room Automation for Life Science, the solution requires the implementation of DXR controllers and Desigo™ CC for the lab’s building automation and management system. No field integration is required to provide common control for heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, or shades, and lab managers only need to learn and be trained on one system for optimal operations.

Watch the Lab TRA Video

Siemens’ Desigo™ Total Room Automation for Life Science intelligently combines heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, and shading control into a single, unified platform. This integrated approach can help you achieve the highest levels of safety and comfort in your environment, minimize energy consumption & provide a comfortable, efficient & regulatory-compliant workspace.

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