Ensuring power quality in a phase of energy transition

Power Quality

Increasing power feed-in from renewable resources poses new challenges for municipalities and distribution system operators

The stable supply of electric power is any grid operator’s top priority. To avoid fluctuations in power quality and prevent disturbances, grid monitoring, control, and automation systems need to be adapted and optimized across all voltage levels.

Benefit from innovative solutions for maintaining high-quality power supplies

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Power quality in practice

Customized power quality solutions for your grid-specific requirements

How can disturbance and fault sources or impairments to voltage quality be efficiently and reliably detected? Siemens has developed numerous products and solutions for this purpose, custom-tailored to meet grid-specific requirements and thereby enhance the security of supply. Find out more under the following topics.

Find out more in detail under the following topics

Concepts for voltage and capacity management

Grids are increasingly affected by varying load and feed-in conditions with significant fluctuations in operating voltage. Operators benefit from Siemens’ intelligent design concept for managing voltage and capacity in power grids – without having to invest in costly grid expansions. 

The solutions utilize various approaches to voltage control, depending on the given structures and conditions on-site and in the field. Customized solutions help to achieve maximum efficiency in the entire medium-voltage grid. They also ensure regional and local voltage and grid stability right down to the low-voltage range.

Benefits for grid operators

  • Minimization of new investment through efficient use of existing structures
  • Improved capacity utilization of the medium- and low-voltage grids
  • Optimized use of the voltage range with just a few distributed measuring points
  • Regional communication without great cost
  • Automatic monitoring of grid status for operation and planning

Highlight products and components to ensure power quality in power grids

Harmony in the grid – through optimized power quality management

Owing to the growing volume of electricity generated by distributed power producers, grid operators will have to monitor harmonic loads (e.g. due to potentially defective inverters) more closely. Such effects can negatively impact nearby industrial operations, and even television reception and computers in residential areas. Power grid regulatory authorities in many countries already demand compliance with EN 50160 as key performance indicators for power distribution systems.

Benefits for grid operators

  • Automatic recognition and reporting of relevant events
  • Reporting and recording in accordance with EN 50160
  • Cost-efficiency through custom-fit solutions
  • Optimized ease of operation thanks to preprocessing of data

Product highlights for harmony in the grid

Validation of asset phase assignment

Phase asymmetries in grids can be detected and located based on captured data. These asymmetries often negatively impact equipment and electrical loads (i.e. electrical consumers) such as motors. As a growing volume of sensor and meter measuring data are available, these data can be used for analysis and thereby greatly facilitate the difficult and time-intensive local search for asymmetries among loads as well as sensors that have been cross-phased connected.

Benefits for grid operators

  • MapReduce function for parallel data processing of large amounts of data 
  • Power snapshot analysis provides information on grid condition based on smart meter data 
  • Voltage histograms deliver information an asymmetric loads
  • Interactive visualization of defined events such as sum totals or over-/undervoltage

Detecting, locating, and correcting disturbances and faults by means of data evaluation

As a consequence of expanded use of regenerative energy sources, photovoltaic (PV) systems are generating an increasingly large share of our electric power supply. This creates new sources of disturbances and faults in the distribution systems that can negatively impact grid stability. A new approach to evaluation of existing data, however, provides the means for rooting out and eliminating these disturbances and faults.

Benefits for grid operators

  • Validation of PV inverter parameters such as voltage and reactive power behavior to identify faults and disturbances caused by erroneous parameterization
  • Graphic visualization of disturbances and faults for easy adjustment of inverter settings
  • Analysis and elimination of sources of faults and disturbances in power grids 

Solutions tried and proven in reference projects

The products and solutions from Siemens for ensuring a reliable power supply, optimizing electric power grids and improving cost-effectiveness have long been tried and proven in practice. Listed below are just some of the reference projects.
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Solutions for maintaining high-quality power supplies

While the rising share of renewable energy can have an effect on power quality, it’s possible to enable sustainable and high-quality power. The key is energy monitoring and measurement. Please use the following form to order our information package.  

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