Keeping your grids up and running

Unplanned outages

Using sophisticated tools and solutions for fast grid restoration

Unplanned outages cannot always be avoided. Flexible solutions for local and remote monitoring enable the fast and efficient restoration of cable grids and overhead lines. 

Avoiding unplanned outages

Protecting the grid

Combined with telecontrol functions, distributed devices can support the remote monitoring and control of distribution grids. This enables the implementation of central, semi-distributed, and distributed applications for further reliability improvements.

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Local and remote fault signaling and manual restoration

Local and remote fault signaling and manual restoration solutions are available for cable and overhead line grids.

Fault indicator reports faults to the control center. Fast fault localization (FLOC) is a core application of Spectrum Power™ ADMS. This enables operators to quickly identify the faulty section and immediately dispatch a maintenance crew to the affected substation. 

Fault signaling and manual restoration can also be facilitated remotely by means of cloud-based services. Detected faults are shown on Google Maps. Field crew members will be alerted automatically and can access information on their mobile phone, tablet, or PC. 


Benefits for grid operators

  • Customizable solutions for the quick fault signaling and service restoration in any grid environment
  • Rapid detection and isolation of affected grid sections
  • Field crew: online access to all data relevant for quick service restoration 

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A cost-efficient solution that also provides the basis for advanced outage management

Advanced outage management allows for faster grid fault detection and localization, remote fault isolation, and service restoration. Maintenance staff can instantly be directed to the affected grid segment. Remote monitoring and control of secondary substations in cable and overhead line grids also helps to reduce grid operating costs and can avoid outage penalties. Furthermore, this future-proof solution secures investments by offering easy upgrades to a self-healing solution.


Benefits for grid operators

  • Detailed overview of grid operation, status, and performance data at the control center
  • Remote control and monitoring of secondary substations helps to avoid outages and faults
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Avoidance of outage penalties

Products and components for remote monitoring in power grids

Self-healing solutions for supply restoration within milliseconds

A fault in cable or overhead line grids is a stressful situation for operators. Siemens’ self-healing solutions for automated switching, fault isolation, and service restoration allow operating personnel to concentrate on repair work and service crew coordination. 

Isolating faults in cable or overhead line grids and initiating service restoration with dedicated Siemens solutions is typically done in less than a minute.


Benefits for grid operators

  • Closed loop automated switching solution for isolation and service restoration with included load management 
  • Reduced fault localization costs 
  • Reduction of outage times, improvement of distribution grid reliability indicators (e.g. SAIDI, SAIFI) 
  • Open solution can flexibly adapt to existing secondary substations 
  • Extreme workload reduction in the event of several simultaneous faults, e.g. due to rough weather conditions

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SCADA/OMS integrated with advanced monitoring fault location applications

When faults or failures occur in the grid, control center personnel must respond rapidly and effectively in a targeted manner – despite the highly complex failure situation. 

The workload increases in cases of multiple simultaneous failures – caused, for instance, by severe weather conditions. 

The SCADA/OMS solution from Siemens displays precise information on the fault or failure, generates outage reports, and supports the initiation of fault isolation and service restoration. 

This gives control center personnel more time to coordinate service crews and focus on the necessary repairs.


Benefits for grid operators

  • Comprehensive data and information on faults and outages instantly available at the control center
  • Reduction of maintenance and operating costs
  • Increased grid availability
  • Increased security for your investments

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Solutions tried and proven in reference projects

Ensuring stable, resilient grids is one of the essential tasks of municipalities and distribution system operators. The products and solutions from Siemens support them in these efforts. Listed below are just some of the reference projects.

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