Cogeneration and Microgrid

In most manufacturing operations today, power supply remains a one-way system: power is generated at a power plant and distributed through a network to the plant. This not only leaves manufacturers with sometimes-complicated power protection infrastructure, but also unable to fully exploit the rapidly changing economics of energy supply in the U.S. and abroad.

Simplification, Standardization and Digitalization of Cogeneration and Microgrid

Siemens can help manufacturers utilize an omni- directional power grid where almost any point in the system can be both a usage location and a generation point. Not only does self-generation of power become a protection strategy, but also, through grid participation, a strategy for minimizing total energy costs, even under rapidly changing macro-economic scenarios.


A Siemens Energy Balance Investigation will document and analyze electrical and thermal generation and consumption profiles and cost indices. Based on this, Siemens can propose recommendations to increase internal efficiencies and to make the most of cogeneration and grid participation.


These recommendations may include a microgrid energy management platform that provides real time monitoring and control of onsite power to match the system load, either in grid-connected or island mode. Its generation and load forecasting tool will optimize the mix of energy produced across both electrical and thermal sources. It can provide day-ahead and week-ahead generation forecasting of resources to support economic and process optimization, and potentially incorporate emissions optimization.