Integrated Engineering Software

Engineering today is riddled with synchronization issues from initial design to ongoing operation and maintenance. Hand-offs between disciplines and lifecycle stages are loss points for information and Technical Productivity. Technical documentation becomes cumbersome to maintain and is often out of date.

Digitalization of the Engineering Function

Siemens COMOS software integrates, accelerates and brings greater fidelity to the engineering process through a “digital twin” of the physical manufacturing environment.


At design time, the digital model keeps all engineering disciplines synchronized, even though they may be working from many locations. Each discipline has direct access to the most current specifications for every physical element of the mill or unit, eliminating errors and rework. It is not uncommon for companies utilizing COMOS to experience 30% or greater improvements in engineering design efficiency. The value builds further in the handoff to construction by making the virtual design digitally available to all trades and partners involved.


As the project progresses, COMOS Walkinside generates virtual-reality models of the entire project with intuitive, 3D, game-like navigation. This is the foundation for immersive training and safety analysis, even before the physical operation is constructed or commissioned. This is a particularly valuable learning mode for the next-generation technical workforce.


COMOS also speeds up and simplifies the commissioning process. Once the new or re-engineered operation is finalized virtually, it can be passed to the Automation Designer where control loops, safety interlocks, and more are developed and tested against a range of processing conditions without ever energizing the physical equipment.


With COMOS, Technical Productivity grows over time. The “as-designed” model is linked to a parallel “as-built” model. Technical Productivity continues into operations with continuously updated “as-maintained” and “as-operated” models. Digitalization creates a more effective technical documentation process.