Integrated Power Distribution

Papermaking is energy intensive and requires safe and reliable power distribution under often-challenging circumstances. Many mills contain an aging electrical infrastructure that lacks modern safety features, is increasingly unreliable and costly to maintain. As such, many U.S. mills would benefit by upgrading their power protection and energy management infrastructure to a more modern standard.

Simplification, Standardization and Digitalization of Power Distribution

Siemens Totally Integrated Power (TIP) provides an integrated, feature-rich, standardized and simplified power distribution infrastructure across all voltage levels. TIP will deliver safety, cost and uptime benefits in scenarios ranging from local upgrades to greenfield builds.


TIP incorporates Siemens communications-enabled, “smart” components, meaning that remote communications interfaces are natively supported for monitoring and controlling protection devices, improving safety and simplifying maintenance. TIP is a modular, highly-scalable approach that enables CAPEX and OPEX balancing in any application.


Siemens TIP and Siemens TIA are integrated by design, enabling transparency and control of the power distribution infrastructure from a standard interface. This supports a more productive engineering process and provides the platform for site-wide energy efficiency.


The TIP portfolio excels in safety features, including:

  • Remote monitoring for temperature, metering and maintenance data
  • Remote control via communications with or without interposing relays
  • Siemens remote racking device that enables users to safely rack breakers up to 30 feet away
  • Remote operation for handheld pendant enables users to remotely operate breakers without being in front of the switchgear
  • Infrared viewing ports
  • Zone selective interlocking
  • High resistance grounding