SIPAPER automation solutions

SIPAPER Automation Solutions

Intelligently tackling market challenges with optimized processes and improved quality

The cost pressures, increased quality requirements, environmental regulations, lower margins, and intense competition in the fiber industry call for intelligent solutions in the area of automation. Our custom-built SIPAPER automation solutions are key to meeting these market challenges. They provide maximum data transparency throughout the entire production process as well as systematic quality assurance and simple operation. What’s more, they're the very foundation for the digital enterprise – for a faster, more flexible, and more intelligent production despite the rapidly changing paper market.

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Optimize processes and improve quality with intelligent automation

The seamless integration of individual products is the special strength of the SIPAPER family: for example, when it comes to optimizing process automation and monitoring and improving the quality of the products. With QCS APL, APC, DCS APL, and IT MIS, SIPAPER provides you with solutions that are a perfect fit for your company.

Intelligent and digital automation solutions for the fiber industry

From quality management and process control to process automation and linking automation with business systems, with SIPAPER automation solutions you'll improve the quality of your pulp and paper products while also optimizing your process efficiency and productivity. SIPAPER QCS APL allows systematic quality assurance directly at your paper machine. With SIPAPER APC, you'll benefit from a model-based open- and closed-loop control of your processes. SIPAPER DCS APL offers you an integrated automation system from the field to the ERP level. And SIPAPER IT MIS gives you a transparent overview of your production process in real time, making your business decisions much easier. And with SIPAPER automation solutions, you'll create a consistent data flow that you can turn into higher plant availability and lower operation and maintenance costs.

Take the first step toward digitalization

SIPAPER automation systems are ready for digitalization. You can simulate a virtual twin of your plant based on a consistent uniform data model, throughout all project phases, even before commissioning. This allows you to optimize, refine, and even duplicate as needed with no risk. What’s more: SIPAPER DCS APL with SIMIT simulation software increases engineering quality and accelerates commissioning and the start-up phase thanks to flexible design simulation. Quality parameters are achieved faster after start-up or a change of grade. Optimized process management also ensures lasting product improvement and helps homogenize the fibrous material.

The perfect quality control system for your pulp and paper production

End-to-end quality management with transparent monitoring and control systems forms the basis of all modern paper production. SIPAPER QCS APL (QCS = quality control system) offers you exactly what you need. Quality-relevant measurement data from the paper machines is continuously recorded via a reliable PROFIBUS/Ethernet connection and adjustments are made by activating the correct regulator control elements. That means you can minimize variations in quality quickly and efficiently and at the same time continuously optimize the paper quality. SIPAPER QCS APL is integrated in the overall process along with SIPAPER DCS APL.

Your advantages

·         ­ Systematic quality assurance integrated in the SIPAPER family directly at the paper machine

·         ­ Integration in standard automation systems on the basis of SIMATIC PCS 7

·         ­ Rapid elimination of variations in quality

·         ­ Not a black-box philosophy

·         ­ Simplified, fast change of grade for higher output

The software for process management in paper production

To manufacture high-quality products while keeping costs for raw materials, energy, and process material to a minimum, an optimized process management across the entire operation of paper production is needed. SIPAPER APC (advanced process control) offers you an integrated software solution for model-based open- and closed-loop process management and control – tailored to the fiber industry and customized to your plant conditions.

SIPAPER APC uses libraries and modules proven in industrial applications: for example, for optimization, neural networks, and robust control. The solution can be ideally integrated in plants with SIPAPER DCS but can also be linked to other existing process control systems.

Your advantages

·         ­ Process optimization through cost-optimized operating points in all units

·         ­ Increased quality and homogenization of the fibrous material

·         ­ Lasting improvements to the process and greater environmental compatibility

·         ­ Proven components, optimal availability

·         ­ Global service from a single source of supply over the entire lifecycle

Detailed solutions for your drying and bleaching process

Integral automation solutions instead of costly system diversity

Using different systems in the automation architecture creates interface problems as well as increased training, maintenance, and operating costs. To avoid this, you have to move away from island solutions toward integrated automation on a standard system platform. Our decentralized control system SIPAPER DCS APL offers you a scalable, uniform, integrated automation system from the field level all the way to the ERP level. SIPAPER DCS APL is based on SIMATIC PCS 7, the foremost automation system on the global market, and is supplemented by ready-made, coordinated software modules that we developed specifically for the pulp and paper industry alongside our customers. Using identical components and well-thought-out solutions for the drive, automation, and quality systems facilitates the complete integration of all parts. And the incorporation of all levels from the field to production control provides unprecedented data transparency and diagnostics options that result in optimized processes and reduced downtime.

Your advantages

·         ­ Uniform automation solution for all technical systems based on the world's leading components

·         ­ Increased efficiency and competitiveness

·         ­ Ready for digitalization with COMOS; future viability and investment security

·         ­ Global support throughout the entire lifecycle

·         ­ Proven components, optimal availability

The modular and open management information system (MIS) for the fiber industry

More effective processing of short-term customer demands, less work-in-progress, and optimized use of raw materials – SIPAPER IT MIS is there to help with greater transparency and a structured overview of your paper production data. SIPAPER IT MIS links the real-time environment of your automation system with your business systems. It monitors and controls the various different production steps in real time. Thanks to the combination of standard modules for your specific processes, SIPAPER IT MIS provides a highly flexible, scalable information management system. The MIS function modules are based on the ISA-95 standard, are configured using paper-specific logic, and can be individually adapted to suit different production requirements with no programming input.

If unusual incidents occur during production, SIPAPER IT MIS provides you with reliable facts like OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) and KPIs (key performance indicators) that you can use to increase overall availability.

Your advantages

·         ­ Transparent overview of the production process in real time – for informed decision-making

·         ­ Universal connection to all automation and ERP systems

·         ­ Fast access thanks to archiving, display, and analysis by one system

·         ­ Standardized and uniform documentation

·         ­ Fast, low-risk implementation and accelerated rollout due to the use of standard software

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Optimize processes and improve quality with intelligent automation

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