Digitalization improves time-to-market for the life sciences industry

Move pharmaceuticals from the lab to the patient more swiftly

Siemens is driving the digital transformation of the pharmaceutical industry through the seamless integration of automation, software and other cutting-edge technologies. Reach out to us today to begin a conversation about the ways digitalization might benefit your company.

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Pharma 4.0

Digitalization in the pharmaceutical industry

Digitalization at every point along the value chain helps the pharma industry get pharmaceuticals from the lab to the patient more swiftly.


Consistent, top-level quality and compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and all requirements of the law are essential factors. Other trends in the digitalization of pharmaceutical manufacturing include process optimization and continuous paperless production.

Digital Enterprise – Realize your digital transformation

Der digitale Zwilling im Digital Enterprise

With the Digital Enterprise portfolio, Siemens is driving the digital transformation of the industry – the seamless integration of automation, software and cutting-edge technologies will take the industry to the next level of efficiency. Discover how you can benefit from merging the virtual and the real world and the possibilities provided by the Digital Twins of product, machine, plant, and the entire production. In order to facilitate the start and implementation of digitalization, we offer comprehensive consulting and to develop a digitalization strategy and roadmap together with you. Discover the possibilities for your company.

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Digital solutions

Total package for Pharma plant 4.0

The maximum effect can be achieved when automation hardware and industrial software work together, which means that both of these elements have been seamlessly integrated and perfectly tailored to the process requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Discover our entire offering, from research and development to the active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing process and secondary processing of pharmaceuticals.

Our solutions for the pharmaceutical industry at a glance

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For real-time quality monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry


Now quality can be an integral part of every stage of your pharmaceutical manufacturing process. SIMATIC SIPAT, our software solution for process analytical technology (PAT), is there to help.

Added value through Services

Services throughout the entire pharmaceutical plant lifecycle

Our end-to-end approach to services ensures maximum plant availability, flexible processes, comprehensive training, and reliable consulting services on all aspects of digitalization in the pharmaceutical industry.

Specific services for your business

Improved operational excellence thanks to minimizing downtime and optimizing consumables, resources, and labor input. We work with you to develop new business models that maintain your performance, quality, and flexibility over the long term. Our experts help you sustain, promote, and improve your operations at every point in the plant and process cycle. We offer a customized range of consulting services to help you choose the best strategy for digitalization and get the most out of your digitalization potential. 

Pharma trends

New developments in all areas of medical technology and pharmaceuticals

Keep up with the latest developments, trends and events in areas of current interest to the pharma industry.
The trend towards digitalization in pharmaceutical industry

The Magazine: Special issue on the pharmaceutical industry

This special edition provides examples of ways our customers have seized the opportunities offered by digitalization and boosted their competitive position – with integrated engineering, simulations, and cloud-based solutions.    

Press release about the partnership between Siemens and Exyte

Siemens and Exyte, a global leader in the design and delivery of biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, join forces to offer end-to-end solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry by combining the digitalization expertise of Siemens with the innovation boost from Exyte.

Press release on the cooperation between Siemens and Atos

Atos, a global leader in digital transformation and Siemens are working together with the pharmaceutical industry to improve production with an innovative solution based on a digital replica of the pharma production process.

Pharma trends: Press releases on the latest developments about Pharma 4.0

Press releases on all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry

Here’s where you’ll find press releases from Siemens on the latest solutions and developments in all areas of Digital Pharma and pharmaceutical and active ingredient production, as well as other medical technology information.


Paperless manufacturing, patient-specific medicine, and continuous production in practice

Today automation and digitalization are already transforming the pharmaceutical industry. Here are just a few examples of what our customers have achieved with our digital solutions.
Discover more exciting stories about the pharmaceutical industry

The Magazine: Pharma

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Customized digitalization strategy from the experts

Manufacturing medications and pharmaceuticals is complex, the requirements and regulations vary greatly, and the quality demands on processes and products are huge. Digitalization lets you keep all these requirements under control – but how and where do you start, and what steps should you take, and when? Our digitalization experts will be happy to help. Contact us and schedule a non-binding personal consultation.

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