Cell and Gene Therapies (CGT)

Cell and gene therapies (CGT) offer huge potential as treatments for a wide range of diseases

Reduce time to market for new therapies for genetic and orphan diseases

Biologic based medicines are as important today as synthetically produced medicines. New therapies like cell and gene therapies (CGT) offer huge potential as treatments for a wide range of diseases including cancer, neurological, and genetic diseases. Therefore, it’s essential for pharmaceutical companies to reduce manual labor and integrate processes and workflows with industry-specific automation hardware and software solutions.

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Solutions for cell and gene therapies

Integrated automation and digitalization solutions

State-of-the-art production methods for ATMPs

Advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) include three different product classes – gene therapeutics (GTP), somatic cell therapy medicinal products (CTP) and biotechnologically tissue engineered preparations (TEP).


ATMPs can be produced allogeneically, meaning they rely on a single cell source to treat many patients or on personalized medicines. (autologous) which are manufactured as a single lot from the patient being treated. During the production of ATMPs, state-of-the-art methods from molecular biology, cell biology, genetics and biotechnology are used. In the future, these novel drugs could be used increasingly, particularly in the treatment of orphan diseases, cancer and hereditary diseases as well as in regenerative medicine.

Benefit from fast ramp-up and scale-up

ATMPs are different from traditional pharmaceuticals. Not only in the way they work but also how they are developed and produced. This requires companies to come up with new strategies for fast ramp-up and scale-up – a challenge that requires deep know-how of digitalization and automation. Low levels of automation and integration of equipment need to be replaced by integrated automation solutions, and manual, paper-based work calls for consistent digital solutions that are compliant to strict regulatory requirements.


Siemens offers a broad range of hardware and software solutions for R&D, production design and execution, and lifecycle intelligence and analytics to help biopharmaceutical companies of any size to bring cell and gene therapies to market faster.


Smart solutions for cell and gene therapies

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Simcenter HEEDS helps increase mixing reactor performance

Design exploration

Simcenter HEEDS

Increase mixing reactor performance

Simcenter HEEDS supports you in increasing your mixing reactor performance by exploring design and operating conditions. You can evaluate the effects of changes, understand correlation of multiple variables, and balance counteracting parameters easily.

gPROMS enables digital design of drugs and their manufacturing processes

Systems-based pharmaceutics

Siemens gPROMS

Digital design of drugs and their manufacturing processes

Siemens gPROMS enables you to use Digital Twins during R&D, engineering, operation, and manufacturing. It enables advanced process modelling, model-based engineering, and digital process design and operations.

Opcenter Execution Pharma simplifies and speeds up the collection of data during operations

Integrated batch processing

Opcenter Execution Pharma

An integrated solution for fast implementation

Opcenter Execution Pharma includes a native integration between the manufacturing execution system (MES), the process control system (DCS) and the HMI level for optimal data use.

SIPAT PAT software enables quality by design in cell and gene therapies

Quality by design


Using data to evaluate process variations

With SIPAT, enable the central data collection and real-time analysis of process and sensor data. The collected process data can be used to evaluate process variations as well as advanced process control (APC) strategies based on process models.

BioMAC is a cloud-based data analytics solution using state-of-the-art software

Analyze bioprocess big data


Advanced bioprocess big data analytics

Leveraging the value of complex bioprocess data sets is a key enabler in meeting the challenges of modern biopharmaceutical operations, from complex changing portfolios and time to market demands, to regulatory reporting and process intensification needs.


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