Smart-Bio Manufacturing: next-generation biopharma processes

Data-driven processes can make bio API production not only smarter, but more agile and reliable as well.

Data-driven processes can make bio API production not only smarter, but more agile and reliable as well.

The race for smart biopharma processes is driven by the emergence of three trends: personalized drugs, often tailored the genome of the patient, as a new treatment option for both rare and widespread diseases; flexibility as a means to make plants smarter and adaptable and finally using digitalization to acquire a deep level of process understanding. The industry increasingly relies on small-scale production lines for both testing and optimizing existing processes and for developing new procedures and performing pilot scale productions. In this context, single-use or disposable components drastically increases efficiency and speed of a production line, whilst ensuring product quality. However, such processes need the matching, flexible and intelligent automation technology to ensure right-first-time quality and ease of operation.

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Smart-Bio Manufacturing

Creating insights for smarter processes

To improve yield, reduce time to market and facilitate process validation, Smart-Bio Manufacturing processes must deliver insights into biological behavior as well as process and product quality. Digitalization enables a deep process understanding for continuous, real-time quality control.

Integrated flexibility and quality for right-first-time production

The automation and IT systems in smart bioprocesses need to be able to cope with two challenges. First, small-scale and single-use processes often use mobile equipment that can be used in several locations and is set up for a process by combining units in a plug and play environment, with flexible numbers and types of sensors and actuators. This necessitates a flexible, plug-and-play automation system with advanced tracking options and a highly intuitive operator interface.

Second, the design and implementation of smart technology as well as direct evaluations of the quality of the resulting products through novel, networked process sensors and process analytical technology (PAT) will help the industry directly track microbial production in bioreactors - still a field where there is much room for improvement.

By providing flexible automation systems that are easy to integrate and set up, including powerful PAT tools to integrate process data with advanced modelling, and proven systems for electronic batch recording, Siemens can help companies achieve a deeper process understanding while increasing production flexibility - and help you win the race for smarter bio production.


Smart solutions for Smart-Bio Manufacturing

With our smart, integrated systems and solutions, you can win the race for deep process insights and reliable process performance while also achieving right-first-time quality and provide excellent ease of operation.

Smart-Bio Manufacturing

Win the race for smart bio production

Utilize the potential of digitalization for your bio processes – and benefit from a smarter production that is also more agile, robust and tested for optimum yield and quality.

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