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How to integrate solutions for fast-track construction of smart biotech facilities

Speaker: Stefan Krauss, Head of Technology & Concepts, Pharmaceutical Business segment, Siemens AG
Martin Gerhard Wenz, Lead Engineer Process Technology, Exyte Central Europe GmbH


Exyte and Siemens are building smart and modular biotech facilities. Based on the shortly released product ExyCell® of Exyte and the integrated solutions for power supply, fire protection and automation from Siemens the modular cleanrooms are suitable for new buildings as well as retrofit of existing buildings. Therefore, cellular design bricks are combined with standard cleanroom systems. Starting from the customers product process the solution enables a fast-track construction and a scalable production. Find out how to win the race against time.



  • Siemens and Exyte are joining forces to offer end-to-end solutions to the biopharmaceutical industry
  • Standardized prefabricated turnkey solutions compliant with cGMP and GAMP to biotechnology as well as cell and gene therapy
  • Fast-track construction for greenfield as well as embeddable in existing buildings


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