Innovative solutions for machine building in the glass industry

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Digitalization enables to adapt to new market situations

The requirements of the glass industry have changed: As a machine builder, you have to enable the customers to adapt their production processes quickly. Digitalization with the range of Digital Enterprise solutions is offering you significant advantages in this respect - starting with product design, through production planning, production engineering, and production, all the way to service. Our innovative automation solutions for flat glass and hollow glass support you in becoming a digital enterprise.

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Complete and customized solutions for machine construction in the glass industry

We deliver innovative solutions for your automation and drive technology for any type of production, processing, and finishing of glass. Ideally matched to your requirements and therefore cost-efficient. Our innovative products and complete solutions are used for quick and precise processes in production machines and help you make the switch to digitalization.

Flat glass - Flat glass production

Siemens supplies optimized solutions for the entire electrical equipment in flat glass production. While process automation is most important during raw material preparation and in the furnace process, starting with the forming process, drive technology and precise motion control play an important role.

Top Roller

When forming the flat glass, top rollers determine the thickness of the glass as well as the width of the usable glass area. We are offering optimized solutions for the top roller system (drive and positioning axes). The high requirements for precision and reliability are met through solutions based on the SINAMICS S120 drive system and the SIMOTICS-S 1FK7 servo motors.

Annealing furnace

Precision and fail-safe performance are the most important features during the cooling process. The rollers must continue to rotate even in case of a power failure or when the higher-level controller system fails. We offer a  variety of cost-optimized solutions for this purpose based on SINAMICS S120 (or SINAMICS G120) and SIMOTICS reluctance motors.

Cold end

The process steps cutting, transporting, distributing and stacking at the 'cold end' of the flat glass manufacturing process also place high demands on the drive technology. Our solution offers high productivity through axis synchronization of the motion control system. Short engineering times without specific robotics know-how are ensured by the handling toolbox.

  • Uninterrupted flat glass production
    through an integrated redundancy concept in the automation
  • Plant-wide transparency through networking
    thanks to the access option of the higher-level controller of the glass line to all process steps of the glass line all the way to the drive level (Plant Wide Automation)
  • Precise and fast motion control of the entire "cold end" 
    thanks to our high-performance motion control systems: Cutting (crosswise and lengthwise), transporting, distributing and stacking
  • Safety for personnel and machinery
    through integrated safety technology

Flat glass - CNC flat glass processing

Precision and speed are the most important features when it comes to cutting, grinding, drilling, and milling. This results in high requirements on the automation technology and therefore also on the machine and equipment suppliers.

Technology overview

For any glass processing center, we are offering a solution matched to your requirements - with the open CNC controller SINUMERIK ONE or SINUMERIK MC as well as with the Motion Control controller SIMATIC S7-1500T (Kinematic Language, G-Code).

  • Covering the entire requirement portfolio for glass processing
    from basic 3-axes processing centers to the completely automated production line of automobile glass
  • Implementation of industry-specific visualization and operating concepts 
    thanks to the openness of SIMOTION/SIMATIC and the SINUMERIK platforms ONE and MC
  • Cost-efficient complete CNC controller SINUMERIK MC
    optimized for glass processing

Flat glass - Insulating glass

Insulating glass manufacturing requires an error-free production and must always be adapted to the latest requirements. Our solutions ensure an efficient and high-quality production sequence.

Technology overview

Here is how the SIMOTION Motion Control controller, including Handling Toolbox and G-Code Interpreter, the SINAMICS S 120 converter system and the SIMOTICS S servo motor ensure that the entire manufacturing process is successful: From applying the spacer (also for complex window shapes), over filling with argon gas in the insulation glass press all the way to applying the sealing material.


Furthermore, the geared motors with mounted G110M converter guarantee fast and smooth transport of the glass pane.


Communication between the controllers of the manufacturing stations is made possible by the LCom library for TCP/IP communication. The OPC XML application enables communication between the operating level and the control level.

  • Standardized engineering 
  • Access to all drive parameters from the control level
  • Web-based access / remote diagnostics
  • Supports commissioning and faster troubleshooting thanks to the integrated trace functionality

Hollow glass - IS machines

Speed and precision are among the most important features of IS machines, the most commonly used machine in hollow glass production. It comes with high requirements on automation and drive technology. The machine and equipment supplier can score here with innovative overall concepts.

Technology overview

Our Motion Control controller can provide the high-speed clock generator of an IS machine. In doing so, the modules of the IS machine (plunger, shears, gob distributor and the individual stations) are synchronized exactly with one another using the "distributed synchronous operation" function.

  • Exact synchronization between the modules 
    thanks to the Motion Control controller as high-speed clock generator
  • Easy integration, maintenance and expandability 
    thanks to the modular architecture of the Motion Control controller
  • Fail-safe drives
    thanks to the safety technology integrated in the SINAMICS S120 drive

Hollow glass - Rotary machine

The various glass forming processes require machines with flexible as well as efficient automation and drive technology. Rotary machines increasingly require more energy efficiency as well as the highest precision in the production of hollow glass. Our solutions help you meet these requirements.

Example solution: Servo pump for hydraulic glass press

Conventional hydraulics based on valves wastes as a lot of energy during the phases of the pressing process in which the press cylinder must not work while the electric motor must continue to run. We are replacing the asynchronous motor with a highly dynamic servo motor here. This enables us to supply only as much energy as needed in the respective phase of the pressing process. Energy consumption can be reduced by up to 50 % this way.

  • High energy efficiency because pressure and volume flow are not controlled by the throttle effect of valves but by torque and speed of a servo motor
  • Easy retrofitting as replacement of a classic hydraulic solution because the control unit of the converter controls the motor independently
  • High dynamics and thus high output thanks to a servo motor with low rotary inertia
  • Extremely compact system (only small pressure reservoir required)
  • Low noise level
  • Innovative solutions
    such as a servo pump for hydraulic glass presses and high-precision, dynamic torque and segment motors for rotary indexing tables
  • Easy engineering of hydraulic systems, e.g. glass press
    using SIMATIC application SIMAHYD (SIMAHYD)
  • Simulation of hydraulic systems
    using multiphysics simulation platform AMESIM (AMESIM)

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