Get started with the Digital Twin — It’s easy!

Increase your manufacturing productivity and accelerate your business with a new program we call: Digital Twin Easy Start

Small and large machine shops use SinuTrain to optimize their shopfloor processes through efficient job preparation. When they incorporate the digital twin, they can manufacture parts even faster while programming less at the machine.

What is SinuTrain?

It’s the control-identical software tool from Siemens used for offline part programming, production planning and even training of the SINUMERIK control.  Learn more

What is the Digital Twin?

Quite simply, it’s a virtual duplicate of your CNC milling machine. You have the ability to simulate the machine’s functionality and actions in the virtual world that would normally take place in the real world before you start producing chips. This significantly reduces your risk of costly machine downtime and even collisions.

How can you benefit from using SinuTrain and the Digital Twin?

With SinuTrain and the digital twin, you now have the ability to create the 3-dimensional machining environment in a virtual space even before you get to the manufacturing floor.

Quickly and easily validate the actual machining of the product, evaluate the process that will happen before the first cut, and optimize your CNC part programs to stay up-and-running.

And if you have new CNC machine operators or service people, they can now be trained on the basis of the digital twin without having to tie-up the actual machine. This will save you time and money. 

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