Machine Registration and CNC System Warranty

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Get peace-of-mind knowing that service and support are only a phone call or an e-mail away

By registering your Siemens CNC-equipped machine tool, your warranty period is validated with a start and end date. A bill of materials is communicated to Siemens so we can provide the best service and support should you require them. Follow the steps below to make sure your machine is covered.

This guide will take you step-by-step through the process. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Enter the required information into the CNC
    - Manufacturer (machine tool builder)
    - Machine tool dealer
    - End-user
  2. Create the XML registration file
  3. Save the XML registration file to a USB memory stick
  4. E-mail the XML file from your PC to complete the registration
  5. Your SINUMERIK CNC machine tool is now fully registered.

Fill out the following form and send it back to


Download the Registration Form

SINUMERIK CNC system warranty

Standard warranty
OSS 1) 2) (24-months)
OSS Plus 1) 2) (24-months)
18-month factory warranty 1) 3)
Benefit of machine registration 4)
Free extended On-Site Service (12-months )
24-months after second commissioning
Additional 6-months factory warranty 3)
Paid service contract
Extended On-Site Service
Extended On-Site Service
Repair Service Contract 1) 2)


1) Starts at the time of shipment from the Siemens factory and includes all Siemens components ordered through R211 (MTS)

2) Service commitment — provision of service personnel, on-site diagnostics, on-site troubleshooting, proof that the fault has been resolved, replacement material
3) Only replacement material, no personnel / incidental costs

4) Machine registration must take place during the standard warranty period

Some frequently asked questions

A: No. The warranty only covers the Siemens products with a Siemens product article number.

A: Non-MC products can be covered by the warranty term above if they are purchased through the Siemens Machine Tool Systems Business and registered on a machine equipped with a SINUMERIK CNC controller.

A: The end-customer / end-user should contact the local Siemens customer service hotline for the in-warranty claim.

A: Third-party products are not covered by the Siemens factory warranty.

A: Software defects are not covered under the factory warranty. If a malfunction in the software is found, please report it to your local Siemens customer service hotline.

A: End-customers / end-users can contact their local Siemens customer service hotline. OEM sales account managers will help machine builders for the in-warranty claim.

A: End-customers / end-users should complete the machine registration before end of the default warranty period. Details for machine registration can be found above.

A: If the defective Siemens product is due to the poor quality of a third-party parts, e.g., cable, the Siemens product is not warrantied.

A: The certificate will not be sent by e-mail automatically. The end-customer / end-user can download the certificate from Siemens machine registration website.