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Software V4.8 SP4

Siemens is setting new standards for machine tools in the medium performance and price range with its V4.8 SP4 software for the SINUMERIK 828D control system. Users can now benefit from many functions that were previously reserved exclusively for the premium machine tool segment.

The most important innovations at a glance

With its SINUMERIK 828D V4.8 SP4 software, Siemens offers a control system designed for the mid-range machine segment and for highly flexible work in small and medium-sized companies, as well as for series production. The new software version of the SINUMERIK 828D CNC with PPU.4 (panel processing unit) marks a milestone with its many new functions. It opens up completely new possibilities for companies and users — especially when it comes to taking the leap into digitalization.


Features Software V4.8 SP4
Hardware, Smart Operation


Enhanced OPC UA integration (alarm and events, file transfer)

Top Surface

Configurable side screens


External PC Remote Control
Collision Avoidance Eco

More powerful CPU


Integration in MindSphere via the 
Manage MyMachines MindApp

APC Eco (improved positioning — with simple commissioning)

More USB interfaces


Nodding compensation

1 GB Ethernet ports


Second machining channel


Benefitting from networking

The flexible work that takes place in small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in particular can benefit from networking: access to central data and programs minimizes errors, reduces project turnaround times, and saves a good deal of travel paths and enquiries. The control system and machines can now be integrated more easily via the OPC UA standard. The SINUMERIK 828D controller with V4.8 SP4 software no longer just transfers data and information to higher-level systems such as an MES, but also receives alarms, events and programs from other programs and computers. This means that even smaller companies, such as job shops, can save machining programs centrally and transfer them from production planning to the respective machine with the click of a mouse, for example.


By using SINUMERIK 828D with an external PC remote control, other enabled PCs are transferred to the panel via Virtual Network Computing (VNC) for data and programs containing work schedules or drawings to be called up without numerous travel paths. These and other data can be exchanged extremely quickly on the network thanks to the 1-GB Ethernet ports on the new machine panels. And the new panels also have rear USB ports, so that CompactFlash card readers can be integrated easily into 15" hardware, for example. All front and rear USB ports are configured with complete flexibility via the program manager.


With MindSphere, Siemens provides a cloud platform for networking industrial machines and processes and offers applications, such as the Manage MyMachines MindApp, in which SINUMERIK 828D controllers can be integrated. Thanks to the Manage MyMachines MindApp, responsible persons, production managers, and managing directors can view machine states and data from the shopfloor anywhere, anytime, even from mobile devices.

Winning new customers with new possibilities

To avoid a fatal price war, contract manufacturers must secure the loyalty of existing and new customers with better performance and higher productivity. This is where SINUMERIK 828D and its new functions come in.

Nodding compensation

For example, nodding compensation not only facilitates commissioning for machine builders (thus reducing costs and effort for users), but also offers better surface finishes in milling. Advanced Positioning Control (APC) Eco functions also make it possible to operate the machine more accurately and efficiently — without having to increase the cost and duration of machining with additional measuring instruments and cycles.

Second machining channel — i. e. for robot integration

In addition, the SINUMERIK 828D CNC now also offers a second control channel for milling and thus additional integration and control options for automation systems or handling robots.

Top Surface with the 828D

One of the great strengths of SINUMERIK CNCs is the unique Top Surface function for improving surface finishes. The latest update makes this tool available on all SINUMERIK 828D software versions for milling — an absolutely unique feature in this class of controller and a real competitive edge for the companies using it.

Reliable machine protection

The Collision Avoidance Eco function has a similar goal. This function works by using protected areas and distances, which can be configured by the user. Collision Avoidance Eco is therefore perfectly tailored to the demands of flexible contract manufacturing and helps protect capital goods.

Side-screen navigation

The 15.6" panels of the SINUMERIK 828D control system have been multi-touch compatible for quite some time. This facilitates fast and convenient operation. What is new, however, is the side-screen navigation. With a simple swipe, additional information such as machine states or process data can be faded in and out on side screens, thus not taking up space on the operating and programming interface. It is very easy to configure the information that is to be displayed on the side screens and where it is to be displayed.

Added value on all levels

Whether networking (connectivity), machining options (technology), hardware or operation (smart operations/HMI), the new SINUMERIK 828D 4.8 SP4 software version scores highly in all areas. Innovations such as Top Surface, Advanced Positioning Control and Collision Avoidance Eco open up many new possibilities for users and increase the efficiency and productivity of machine tools. Thanks to the networking options, in particular, the integration into MindSphere via the Manage MyMachines MindApp, even small and medium- sized businesses can benefit from digitalization.

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