Working hand in hand

Successful co-operation

Two independent companies in one building: FTM Neresheim and EYPro are working closely together to offer their customers optimum solutions. In a joint project for the guild of chimney sweeps, the two companies have developed a test bench for calibrating measuring devices for the measurement of particulate matter in heating systems.

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FTM Neresheim

If you search for FTM Neresheim on the internet, you will find very little information. Manfred Metzger started setting up his own workshop for manufacturing mechanical components in idyllic Neresheim, located in the Swabian Jura region of Germany, ten years ago. Back then, he and his friend Markus Schnele were still employees of a medium-sized company. Equipped with plenty of courage and expertise, in 2008 they decided to establish their own companies and house them under one roof.

EYPro Mugrauer & Schnele GmbH

Schnele established EYPro Mugrauer & Schnele GmbH, which manufactures customized automation, calibration, and dosing solutions. EYPro now counts many well-known customers in the automotive, medical technology, solar technology, and consumer goods industries among its regular customers. The company’s strength lies in the implementation of entire projects, from design, to engineering, to production of modules or whole automation facilities. The manufacture of mechanical components at FTM has played a significant role in EYPro’s success.

Successful collaboration

Both firms are independent companies, but their collaboration under one roof is a real win-win situation: On the one hand, EYPro has direct, fast access to production capacity, making it possible to manage requirements and deadlines in a very flexible way. On the other hand, Metzger is able to save a lot of money on web advertising or flyers, as 80% of his production orders come from EYPro.


An exciting project that very clearly illustrates the cooperation between the companies EYPro and FTM is the joint development of a product: a test bench for calibrating measuring devices used to measure particulate matter in heating systems, for which FTM supplied all of the mechanical components. The test bench was commissioned by the guild of chimney sweeps, which has to be able to prove and provide evidence that the devices used to measure particulate matter are correctly calibrated. EYPro and FTM were the perfect partners.

The right equipment is essential

As a former production manager, Metzger brought a wealth of expertise to the foundation of FTM as a company. However, there were — and still are — many challenges surrounding technology and procedures. The size of the batches to be produced is between 1 and 10 workpieces, and the cost pressure is immense. From the beginning Metzger put every single available cent into the equipment for his manufacturing business, as this is a key prerequisite for the company’s success. Metzger already had experience with various CNCs, but the flexible programming of Sinumerik appeared to him to be the best solution from the start. Today he has three milling machines and one turning machine from DMG MORI, all of which are equipped with Sinumerik 840D sl, the Sinumerik Operate operator interface, and ShopMill or ShopTurn graphical programming.

Exactly the right solution

Metzger is delighted with the options offered by ShopMill and ShopTurn programming. In addition to the many graphically supported cycles, he is impressed by the flexibility of the CNC programming. R parameters make it easy to flexibly configure the shape (length, width, height) of component families and the design of drilling patterns. Each machining program at FTM is structured in a similar way. Parameters — which can be annotated in a clear fashion by means of text inputs — supply the cycle screens with concrete values for the respective part in the component family. The actual machining programs (feed, feed speeds, etc.) never have to be changed, and the geometry is defined by the R parameters. Recurring machining sequences are summarized into program blocks, for example, for the withdrawal or basic position of the machines. Metzger says: “Only with Sinumerik do I have this level of flexibility and convenience. This programming philosophy is exactly the right solution for my manufacturing.”


FTM can only ensure the necessary level of quality and compliance with deadlines with the help of qualified machine operators. With this in mind, Metzger swears by additional training in-house, directly on his machines. After a short search he found a list of Siemens-certified trainers for Sinumerik on the CNC4you portal. These include Peter Schweyer and Hans-Peter Moser, who over the past few years have been closing gaps in knowledge among new employees or in the operation of new machines at FTM.

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