Sinumerik training during the Corona pandemic

What should you do if a new machine is delivered during this Corona pandemic and on-site training is required? Here, you can read how this functioned in practice with the Kamusin company.

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The trigger: Investment in a second Sinumerik-controlled machine

The Ingo Kamusin Metallverarbeitung GmbH company based in Schwebheim, Germany, is a typical job shop equipped with a fleet of 7 milling machines and 5 lathes.


In 2019, Ingo Kamusin, the company owner, decided to invest in a new lathe and he selected a Hyundai WiA L250 Y equipped with Sinumerik 828D. Up until then, none of the Kamusin machines were equipped with a Sinumerik CNC. But that was soon to change, and when machine dealer DREHERtec demonstrated the machine, it became quite clear that Sinumerik 828D was the optimum choice for a job shop environment. Simple and transparent operation with a high degree of functionality is the perfect fit for the spectrum of parts and components that Kamusin fabricates, with low up to average batch sizes.


In order to be able to handle the currently good order situation, Kamusin now had to invest in a second lathe. The new machine was to be equipped with a counterspindle and Y axis to increase the degree of flexibility. After the good experience obtained with the predecessor machine, it was quite clear that the combination of Sinumerik and Hyundai Wia was the way to go. The Hyundai WiA HD 2200 SY with Y axis and counterspindle equipped with a Sinumerik 828D was delivered in March 2020. Although Kamusin was already well familiar with operating the Sinumerik, training was required for using the counterspindle.

User training under the restrictions of the Corona pandemic

Already back in 2019, the company experienced Hans-Peter Moser as a competent certified Sinumerik trainer, and the obvious choice was to contact him again.


In spite of the critical Corona pandemic, Hans-Peter Moser was willing to train Kamusin's personnel, of course strictly complying with all of the applicable safety rules and regulations. Standing at the machine wearing a mask was a completely new experience – and that, after ten years working as freelance trainer for Sinumerik.


As a result of the training, Kamusin's personnel can now fully leverage the full potential of their new machine.


Once we have Corona behind us, we will visit the Kamusin company at their facility and report about this in CNC4you. And who knows, maybe by then we will experience another surprise involving Sinumerik in Kamusin's machine fleet.

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