Voith Crailsheim: Measuring on the machine tool

Extract from the CNC4you article "We've struck oil! - Manufacturing of hydrodynamic drives"

Measuring on the machine ensures dimensional accuracy

Basic principle: Enter component variants into the NC program via macro 

For the production of hydrodynamic drives of the VoreconNX series the basis are semi-finished products in the form of castings. However, individual pockets, fits and drilling patterns are machined on an individual basis depending on the customer's mechanical interface requirements.


In view of the component variance, Sinumerik 840D sl is the perfect solution for Voith Crailsheims programming specialist Dietmar Danzer. Component variants can be essentially predesigned, based on macros using the parameter programming and powerful high-level language commands in the NC program. 

Casting variants: Automated measuring cycles provide input for macros 

Dietmar Danzer also uses this function to compensate for the differences in the unmachined dimensions of castings. Initially, the precise dimensions of unmachined castings are not known.


Starting from the design data, the NC programs are generated using the standard machining and measuring techniques (drilling, milling, boring with bridge dies, thread cutting and milling as well as measuring using a probe). The postprocessor outputs a "standard" DIN/ISO program, and the macros developed by Dietmar Danzer take into account the real dimensions of the unmachined part as adjusted upper/lower tolerances without having to modify the main program of the component.

Protocols from the CNC as proof of quality 

To achieve this, each part is directly measured at the machine before and during the process. Voith uses Renishaw measuring probes and powerful Sinumerik probing cycles. Dietmar Danzer is enthusiastic about being able to log the results of this online measurement directly in the control system. He can read out these logs from the control and use them as quality verification for customers.

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