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A comprehensive product range from drives to motors, control systems and HMI. Unique professional solutions applied right from the design stage. Prefabricated application modules that substantially reduce engineering costs and ensure excellent machine performance. Consistent, end-to-end solutions for the entire press shop that are unique worldwide.

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Products and solutions expertise for the entire press shop

Are you seeking maximum efficiency in engineering and press operation? No need to worry about the details! Simply rely on the decades of experience and professionalism of Siemens for all aspects of drive and automation technology in the press shop. Unique expert knowledge and system solutions such as the approved press safety library and power management for servo and hydraulic presses get you to your goal.

Efficient press automation

Whether it’s about servo presses, hydraulic presses, mechanical presses, or handling systems: The Siemens press experts will assist you with extensive mechatronic knowledge, starting right from the design stage of your system. 


Benefit from a consistent solution landscape, comprehensive solution expertise, and prefabricated program modules, examples, and HMIs for reduced engineering costs, fewer potential risks, and the opportunity to increase your machine performance and optimize overall system productivity.

Rely on servo presses with smart automation solutions

Servo presses provide maximum flexibility and speed as well as excellent energy efficiency!


The right software is at the heart of efficient press automation. The standard Simopress Servo software package makes it possible to automate a servo press in just a few days. The package contains all core functions, such as motion control, energy management, ancillary press functions like cams and die protection and HMI images. The Siemens application experts also offer expert support with commissioning.


The OACAMGEN optimization algorithm, developed especially for SIMOTION, enables highly flexible motion control at the press end, coupled with maximum productivity. You need just a few parameters to get the best out of your press in terms of both energy and process.


Professional support from the Siemens application experts from design through to commissioning will ensure your success. The entire mechatronic system is always taken into account to obtain the highest possible productivity, identify the required system equipment precisely, and ensure the promised productivity.

A perfect, consistent solutionfor servo press automation.

SIMOTICS T-1FW3 Heavy Duty and 1FW4 Heavy Duty are synchronous torque motors that stand out thanks to their high level of dynamics and precision. The extremely compact, UL-listed motors, which have been in successful use since 2008, are particularly mechanically robust and can cope with impacts of up to 10 g. 


The consistent, scalable SINAMICS S120 drive system is available with air or water-cooling and is easy to activate via SIMATIC S7-1500F and the press safety library. The safety function directly integrated into the converter ensures the system will run safely. 


The high-end motion control system SIMOTION for motion and press control enables highly flexible motion control for continuous operation, pendulum, and multipoint mode.


Efficient energy management can be achieved using either capacitor modules or SIMOTICS FD energy storage devices.

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Products for servo press automation

Individual automation solutions for flywheel presses

Siemens provides an easy and consistent complete solution to quickly and efficiently automate mechanical presses. The SINAMICS S120 drive system, in conjunction with the high-performance SIMATIC S7-1500F controller, forms the basis for a particularly high-performance machine. 


SimaPress, a software library based on SIMATIC S7, gives you the benefits of comprehensive, fully documented, and pre-tested press functions, including main drive control, cam controllers, die protection, and press force monitoring. The cam controller is based on the high-performance, deterministic cam output of the ET 200SP timer.


With flywheel presses, a short-term power outage can be bridged using kinetic buffering: The electronics are kept operating using the kinetic energy of the flywheel to enable a faster restart, and a transfer can reliably move to a safe position with the same energy.

Individual automation for mechanical presses

Complete press automation is achieved using the powerful SIMATIC 1500F controller. Prefabricated software modules are available to automate the motion and sequence control; even safety-critical elements like brake/clutch control can be implemented easily and with minimum risk using special prefabricated modules from the press safety library. Operating masks for WinCC Advanced are also available, to reduce the engineering cost and risk.


The power increments for the drive and motor components are based on customer requirements and press size, building on SIMOTICS 1PH8 motors, which are also available for use in a vibration-resistant version (Option L03).


The press automation solution from Siemens makes it possible to synchronize several mechanical presses with each other. It can also be combined with Siemens handling solutions.

See Siemens Online Support for SimaPress information/manuals.

SIOS SimaPress

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Products for mechanical press automation

The right automation solution for your hydraulic application

Looking for a solution to automate your hydraulic press system and run it energy-efficiently? Siemens has the right answer for you: Whether it’s for a simple, single-axis application or a complex deep drawing process with a hydraulic die cushion, or an application for hydroforming.

A special toolbox for the TIA Portal is available to handle and control hydraulic axes using the SIMATIC S7-1500 controller. The open, modifiable application enables users to realize individual concepts using modular function blocks and integrate them easily into existing control programs.


Using SIMOTION also makes it possible to represent extremely complex machine structures.

The efficient solution for the latest hydraulic systems

Variable-speed pumps can cut power requirements of hydraulic presses by up to 70 percent. In particular, the simplified hydraulic system, reduced noise level, and the lower requirement for oil heating are the greatest advantages of this solution.


This approach is best served using the application and servo technology from Siemens. The saving effect is most obvious during non-operational periods: traditional pumps continue to run while the servo pumps idle with correspondingly low power consumption. In other words, only the power needed by the process is consumed at any time.


The scalable portfolio of SINAMICS converters and SIMOTICS motors is ideally suited for variable-speed, energy-optimized pump operation. 


It goes without saying that the application is also suitable for traditional valve-controlled plants. Valve characteristics can be recorded and adapted on an optional basis using the supplied HMI interface. 

The powerful SIMATIC S7-1500F controller along with an extensive hydraulics library is available for all those applications,. The specially preconfigured press safety modules make it possible to add a simple and safe valve control to the application, for example.


The right power management solutions allows the reduction of power surges directly at the mains side for both new and existing plants. This concept has led to the excellent energy efficiency of our servo presses for years and is now available as a standalone package for hydraulic presses too.


The Siemens application experts also provide expert support with optimizing your plant, from designing the system through to completion of the commissioning stage.

SIMATIC SimaHyd in Siemens Online Support

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Products for hydraulic press automation

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Examples from practical applications

Drive and automation solutions from Siemens are in use in mechanical, hydraulic, and servo presses around the world, providing many benefits in daily use and ensuring plants operate with high efficiency. See for yourself from the following examples.


Quick and efficient press automation

Siemens provides the ideal solution for hydraulic, mechanical or servo presses, power management, and safety. Benefit from Siemens’ unique expertise as a global leader in industrial automation.

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