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New challenges in a competitive tire manufacturing market

The global tire manufacturing market is expected to witness significant growth over the forthcoming years. At the same time, it has become more complex than ever. The increasing number of car types calls for a greater variety of tires. In addition, automotive trends such as eMobility and autonomous driving increase the demand for innovative concepts in tire design and tire production. That’s why competitive tire production needs to be highly flexible and able to react swiftly to meet volatile market developments. At the same time, it needs to meet today’s high requirements in terms of quality, safety, environmental standards and increasing internationalization. Tire manufacturers require consistent solutions that help them optimize their plants’ availability, reduce their TCO and improve time to market. Taking full advantage of digitalization and making use of new business models make it possible to get there.

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The challenges

Increasingly demanding requirements

The economical, technological and social environment of mobility is evolving, bringing about changes in the expectations of both end users and the vehicle industry. That’s why tire manufactures require innovative solutions for the entire value chain.
Tire industry digitalization

How digital twins’ end-to-end virtualization provides real-world improved results

From product and machine design to machine commissioning, production and all the way to product and production performance optimization- the consistent use of digital twins helps meet industry requirements and tackle challenges.

Continuous product and production improvements with digital twins

Digital twins of the product and production are fundamentally linked in a single integrated data model. This creates a complete picture and a closed loop of the digital and the real world. It enables continuous improvements for best possible results that are based on actual production and performance data. It also ensures consistency across the entire value chain and enables all stakeholders to access the data they require through Teamcenter – wherever they are.   

The digital twin of the product

While tire designers have to meet demanding requirements of car makers and end customers, the digital twin of the tire helps turn innovative design into a successful product. Design, simulation and verification of tires are performed in a completely digital environment for quick, smooth and efficient product development.


The NX CAD/CAE system enables comprehensive simulations of aerodynamics, acoustic behavior and hydroplaning properties. Recipe management is also supported.    

The digital twin of the production process

Just like the tires are designed and tested digitally before production, the entire production process is planned, simulated and optimized in a virtual environment with the help of its digital twin.


An entire suite of software from Siemens is available to cover the entire process from rubber mixing to the virtual commissioning of the machinery and even to efficient and error-free standardization based on libraries.

The digital twin of performance

Efficient production and product performance optimization based on real-world data. Performance and maintenance data from production equipment and entire production lines is captured and analyzed using MindSphere, the cloud-based, open IoT operating system. This increases plant availability and also allows need-based maintenance scheduling. MindSphere is the basis for the use of analysis apps for many applications.

Tire production and TIA

Tire production and the TIA portfolio

The TIA portfolio covers all process steps and machines in the tire industry from mixing all the way to labelling. In addition, a Center of Competence brings together product expertise and industry know-how for goal-oriented solutions.

Get your tire production rolling

Watch this video to gain an overview of how the seamlessly interacting solutions from Siemens help make tire production consistent, transparent and efficient, this way enabling manufacturers to win a competitive edge in the increasingly global tire industry. 

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Siemens presents digitalization for the tire industry

Siemens presented at the Tire Technology Expo 2019 a broad-based Digital Enterprise portfolio for the whole value chain especially for tire manufacturers and machine builders
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Siemens’ integrated portfolio of software and automation, building technology and energy management solutions offers many opportunities for efficiency and margin improvements in tire production throughout the entire lifecycle of your assets through cost-effective planning, efficient data management, smooth logistics and high-quality service throughout the entire value chain.